Monday, July 09, 2007

Oh, The Night We Had.

For me, it was one of these nights:

It's one of those nights

I went to the fridge to get a glass of sweet tea, and walked away with one of these. I don't drink at home ever, really, but I bought these on a whim at the store yesterday...thank God I did.

Bad: The A/C? Yeah, not fixed. Fortunately, we know a guy; or rather, Travis' mom knows a guy. Hopefully that will serve us well (and ohmygod PLEASE let this not be a huge expensive thing like we need a new air handler, or I'll just hurl myself off the roof.)

Good: I got all the wedding albums done tonight for his mom and my folks and the maid of honour. Yay accomplishments!

Way Icky Bad: That was a nice way to wind down after what I'd had to do when I got home from work. I don't want to just say it outright, but it has to do with my kitty Rooster, a mess to clean up, and rhymes with "mexplosive biarrhea". Thank God I got home at just the right time, and that he made it to the box (what a champ)....but in case you've never had to take a shower with a very pissed off and miserable long-haired cat who's, um, gross....well, it's about as much fun as it sounds. Poor kitty. (Not to downplay how much it sucked for me. Ever considered scrubbing your own skin with bleach?) I've been watching him closely all night, and he seems to be completely fine now. (Thank God. If there had been a trip to the emergency vet in order...well, even moreso with the roof hurling.)

Ms. Gadabout had a good point; my kids have been rather inconspicuous around this blog lately. They're all fine; they're just not as photogenic lately. Brodie's in one of his "I'd forgotten how much fun it is to forget all my training and just be a pain in the arse" phases, so the only photos I could get of him would be me clutching him and sobbing about what a good boy he used to be. (Fortunately, we have Little Bit's eternal saintly behaviour to fall back on.)

When Travis gets all cranky, I make him tell me something he liked about his day, so that the negativity doesn't set in and permeate everything. I'm starting to get gripey, so let me share some stuff that rocks today:

These are a few of my favourite things

I got this on Friday! (Hence I was finally able to get the wedding photos up, and now I can upload at will!) I love it! I almost ruined it immediately (I have little fear of technology, which is not as good a thing as it could be if I knew what I was doing) but I restored it to factory settings and started over, and now all's well and I lurve it!!! Yay Mac!!

And I've made pretty respectable progress on the Mystery Stole:

Mystery Stole progress

I've finished the first clue and am maybe six or eight rows into the second clue. This yarn is stunning, a deep purple handdyed silk I got at the Victoria Fiber Festival; the artist uses natural dyes and makes some of the most bold, vibrant, rich yarns. I'm still stunned by this...oh, and I LOVE the stole so far. The scrollwork is incredibly appealing to me. (And I am using the beads, but you can't really tell because I did such a bang-up job of matching the beads perfectly to the yarn that the beads aren't even visible.)

Now, I'm going to keep working on the Mystery Stole to stay in my happy place. (And Rooster is lying nearby, trying his hardest to, if not forgive me and snuggle up, at least not spend the entire evening glaring at me with hatred burning like a thousand fiery suns. I really love him for his strength and loyalty.)