Wednesday, July 11, 2007



GAH!  Now there's two of them!
There that is. They're multiplying. Now there's two of 'em. On the schedule. Descriptions, dates and times, requirements, all of that. Carved in stone. (Soft stone, maybe...limestone. But stone nonetheless.)

BUT! I'm teaching in the arena, on the main floor! This is fun for two reasons: one, I'm right in the middle of everything and the wool fumes will help fuel my mania sparkling personality and teaching ability. And two, it means I'm not in one of the barns outside, where it was SO FREAKING ASS COLD last year. There were about fifteen of us huddled around the dyepot for warmth. (Toxic fumes? Who cares? It's damned cold out here.)

I still have a lot of work to do for these classes; all the handouts and samples I need to knit, that kind of thing. I can get it done. If I can EVER EFFING GO UPSTAIRS AGAIN. (Yeah, A/C still in a state of not-fixedness.)

Oh, and I don't have a bio on the instructor page. The coordinator hasn't asked for one. Probably a good thing. Hoping she doesn't. But if she does, I'm going to be making stuff up like crazy. 'Cause really, would you take a class from someone whose bio read "I've been knitting for kind of a little while, and I'm sorta funny sometimes"?

But! It occurred to me last night that Grumperina has only been knitting a little longer than I have. And God knows I'd take her word on just about anything knitting-related - so I guess years of experience does not necessarily equal an expert, and an expert isn't necessarily the eldest in the bunch. And I'm gonna keep telling myself that.

I think I'm beginning to settle down. If nothing else, I know how to knit a sock, and the students don't. It's not likely that they're going to walk out of there not knowing how to knit a sock. But if they do, I'm preparing a standup routine so that at least they got something out of the class. Maybe a slide show that combines The Escapades of The Socks. (Though showing them photos of a sock I knit that fits over my head might not necessarily instill confidence.)

The rest of the week is looking good; tonight's movie night, obviously, and then tomorrow is the Tampa knitting meetup with Valerie and all the gang. If you expressed interest, I've emailed you; if you'd like to express interest, please go ahead and do so, it's never too late. And Friday? Well, Friday's...Friday. What more do you want?

You know, come to think of it, Friday gets off pretty light in life - Friday doesn't even have to DO anything to be beloved. If you ask me, we should hold Friday to a higher standard! Friday shouldn't be allowed to skate just based on its station in life! Friday should have to actually DO something to earn its good fortune! Friday should not be the Paris Hilton of your datebook!!

Down with Friday!!! Or maybe Up with Friday!!! I'm not sure!!! Whatever!!!