Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wow...I Really AM A Stalker!

Thanks for all your comments about Sock. I apologize for those of you who might have been offended by him - he's so poorly behaved! I honestly can't believe he came off of Travis' needles; I'm hoping it's just a phase Sock's going through.

In any event, it's fun to entertain myself by taking silly pictures of a tiny sock while I wait in a parking lot where I'm meeting Travis.

To answer the question of what purpose Sock will serve (other than to terrorize tiny abandoned girls' shoes found in parking lots); he's currently in use as a cozy for Travis' iPod Nano. Travis would knit a match and stash the pair for Future Li'l YoYo, but we don't have enough yarn left to make the set complete. (Before you can ask, Future Li'L YoYo is very, very future.)

Someone asked me about writing a book featuring Sock (yeah, if we can keep him out of county lockup for long enough). Please feel free to write your congressman on that - I can think of few things that would thrill me more than making my living in such a way. (Because I'm certain I could maintain our currently lifestyle and then some on the vast fortune I'd make writing funny knitting books. ....Hmm, that's weird, I can actually hear Stephanie laughing all the way up in Toronto.)

(Oh, and I got my first $5 credit yesterday for someone who clicked over and placed their first order via my blog, so thanks to whomever that was! I know it's not the first time someone has ordered from Sheri via my blog referral, but it's the first the the Loopy system picked up on it. Woo! Edit: I just learned something new! If you link to a shop via a blog that you're reading through Bloglines or another subscription service, the shop doesn't know you came from a blog, just Bloglines. Of course that makes perfect sense, but I never made the connection. So that's probably what happens. But the important thing is that you experience the glory and wonder that is The Loopy Ewe, not that I get a credit. Still, now that I'm enlightened, I want to share my enlightenment with the world. What can I say? I'm a giver.)

Okay, back to regular knitting life. Honeymoon's over, Travis doesn't have any new FOs, so now I have to bore you with my crap. This weekend has been for spinning, and for modest progress on my Green Gable. (I'm about two years behind on What's Hot knitting; I figure I'll be starting Clapotis in about another six months.)

I did finish Travis' Kill Bill socks while we were on the trip. I know he was happy to finally have them; I knit the first in three days way back in February or March, and then I just kind of....stopped.

Kill Bill socks

FO Report:
Pattern: Eh, none; my own half-assed thing with pitiful calf decreases that hopefully no one will ever examine too closely
Yarn: Sweet Georgia Speed Demon sportweight in Kill Bill colorway
Needles: 3.25 mm (US 3) Crystal Palace DPNs
Start Date: February? March?
Finish Date: June 4, 2007

Sorry for the insultingly weak photo. I forgot to take an FO picture, so I just made him hike up his pants at the Yarn Harlot talk. Speaking of whom:

marilyn and the harlot

Keeping in mind that I've already photographed her twice on the streets of Victoria, this would be Photo Three.

Harlot talks and moves stuff around

Four. (Hmm. Blurry. I have developed a theory that her knitter pictures are always blurry because the entire world around her is blurry. It's some sort of knitting universe unexplainable phenomenon. Maybe the air is laughing too hard to stay still?)

Harlot talks


Harlot signs my book

Six. (While I try to come up with something clever to say, flounder around, and finally settle for just saying ANYTHING.)

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee studies my knees

Seven. (Travis was a little nervous, too, obviously - you can't tell she's looking at the stockings I'm wearing. But I almost like it better this way - I can pretend I was asking her to look at a boo-boo on my knee.)

Harlot photographs my stockings

Eight. (She's photographing my stockings, although you have to just take my word for it since Travis forgot to include me in this one.)

Me and the Harlot!!!

Nine. (We both look like we're laughing. That's because she's kind of, um, fondling the stockings.)

Next day, Sunday, Victoria Knit-Out and Fiber Festival at Saxe Point Park:

Harlot photographs her sock

Ten. (She got me photographing my sock, and likewise.)

Harlot photos the sock

Eleven. (At this point, it's just sad. But right before photo ten, I'd realized she was wearing the Bohus and I was suddenly taken by it and felt compelled to document it as thoroughly as possible; I didn't actually MENTION this, of course, and just continued clicking away, so it still just seemed sad. As evidenced by:)

the Bohus

Twelve (Would you please STOP IT?? Okay, this was the last one, and I love that she appears to be wishing very much that someone would come get me. But I was trying to get a good shot of the yoke!)

I'd feel crazy, but sometimes I take pictures of strangers just because they're wearing something I'd like to attempt to duplicate. So this is really no more crazy than my everyday behavior.

And another fun one; Robin of Craftybird found us at the talk, and I got a photo of me, and Robin, and my necks:

Me, my many necks, and Robin

I have a lot of strange neck action here....but other than that, it's a good picture! I can always explain away the tragic loss of the right side of my jaw; maybe a gruesome swift/ball winder incident?

I'm leaving you with a picture my friend Marcie took on my wedding day:

I love dressing!

My mom and I yukking it up while Amber and Jessi work their fingers to bloody nubs buttoning the eleventyhundred buttons on the back of my dress. This is early on - we eventually stopped having fun with the wedding gown fastening process and just really wanted it to be over.