Thursday, April 26, 2007

Serious Yarn Fix

ETA: The Knitty Surprises are up! How freakin' cute is this? And although it didn't grab me at first (because I suck at fair isle), when I discovered this cardigan was mosaic and not fair isle, I felt strongly drawn to it...can I knit a sweater on size 2 and 3 needles? Perhaps we'll find out! (Uh, we'll be perhaps finding out in different colors, though.) The Interweave Summer Preview is up, too, and ohmygoodness! I WILL be knitting the Wheat Ear Cable Yoke Sweater! And the Spiral Boot Socks! And perhaps the Open Lace Skirt! And the Montego Bay Scarf! Egads, that's a lot of knitting. (Get thee behind me, Bellocqs!)

I got home today and had a pile of yarn in the PO box AND a delivery to the home mailbox, too! Add that to the stuff I've been thinking about photographing, and I am just a big yarn slut for you today!

Keep sending in your entries for the contest - and thank you SO MUCH for your optimism! You guys are giving me a lot of credit...I sure would love to finish close to your guesses, so that I can let my mind wander free again! And thank you for not asking me what time the ceremony is (5:20) - I figured I'd get at least one person who'd guess 5:14 p.m. on June 2nd. (Don't guess that, there's not going to be ANY WAY I'll be knitting that day! I'll probably be heavily sedated. Not because of nerves - but because I have to spend a whole day without yarn.)

Oh, and you know how I say "dude" conversationally sometimes, as in "Dude, I'm so excited about all this yarn I have to show you!"? Well. I called my boss "dude" today. Yeah. *hangs head* I guess it could have been worse - I could have hugged him inappropriately.

Alright, let's get to the eleventy-four billion photos of yarn I want to show you.

Monarch in Roses

This is yarn I acquired in a swap on Saturday from a.blossom.knits - Monarch hand-dyed in "Roses". Pink ribbon socks! Knit for the Cure!

Chewy Spaghetti in Decadence

One of Sheri's new lines, Chewy Spaghetti, in "Decadence". Hey, whaddya know, more pinks and browns - thank goodness, I was running low! (Sigh.)

Sunshine Yarns in Gryffindor, self-striping

Why yes, that is the Sunshine Yarns' Gryffindor self-striping colorway. Gotta have this knit up by July the Whateverst for the big release!

Cider Moon in Cayenne

If you have any use at all for sportweight yarn, make absolutely certain that you pick up a skein of Cider Moon next time Sheri updates it. This is the softest most delicious wool I think I've ever squished. I cannot wait to wind it up...oh, what agony.

I also got my Socks That Rock Rockin' Sock Club shipment. I'm pretty sure everyone's received theirs by now, but I don't want to be a jerk, so I'll just show you the links to the photos and you can pull it up and look at it if you like. I wasn't nuts about it when I saw a photo online, but when I actually got to hold it, squeeze it, love it - it's fantabuloriffic!

My last two batches....ohh, I love them.

Perchance to Knit remnant "sampler kit"

Wheee! The colors!!! All the colors!!!!! This is Perchance to Knit's yarn, a nice little remnant pack she was selling off on her Etsy site. (Keep an eye on that - she updates regularly there, and you know how fast it sells out at The Loopy Ewe!) I have almost 1,000 yards here! Squee!

Perchance to Knit remnants

From left (or bottom) to right (or top): Pastel Rainbow White, Primarily, Pond, Irises, Breezy, and Bachelor Button Blue. I think Susie is quite possibly one of the best at wonderful bright cheery colorways. Irises might actually be one of the most striking colorways I've seen - I'm strangely fixated on it.

And finally.

It took me so long to get my hands on it, but I finally got it, and I did it up right! This is Sundara Yarn. Yes. Sundara. (Moment of silence in deference and awe to the striking colors.) Left to right: Sock in Redwood over Sage; Sock in Indigo over Ultramarine; Sport in Blackberry over Blueberry.

Sundara Sock, Sock, Sport

Luscious. Just absolutely luscious.