Thursday, April 26, 2007

Retiring the Bellocq Talk

NOT retiring the Bellocq, of course - the second stocking is in full swing. But I'm through posting about it for a while. Why? Because I'm having a contest! :-D

I have determined that I am most definitely going to have enough yarn in three skeins to complete these stockings. (How 'bout that yardage?!) But of course, I bought four. So I'm going to "destash", via prize, my fourth skein of Socks That Rock in Rose Quartz. Oooh, just think of it! You could be a part of history! Well, not actual important history - just a part of my own particular history...but this yarn has lots of love karma in it! (Oh, ew. Not in a dirty way - in a cosmic way. I assure you this skein is completely sanitary.)

Here's the contest: When, date and time, will I be completely finished with the pair? By completely finished, I mean the whole thing - ends woven in, ribbons woven through, all that. (If it helps you, I always weave in the ends on my socks immediately after finishing them. And I'm not including blocking, since I'll probably do that right before the wedding day.) Also, for those of you just joining us, remember that we're talking thigh-highs here.

The basic facts: the first stocking took me one day shy of four weeks, I'm knitting the second one exactly the same, and I've already started it and am about four inches into the foot (toe-up). Oh, and the wedding date is June 2nd. So if your entry states I'll be finished after June 2nd, you'll be disqualified for being a negative nancy!

I should mention that it's not my only project - but the only thing I am still working on is the groom's second sock, and I do have a plain vanilla stockinette sportweight sock that I work on, but ONLY when I absolutely cannot pay attention to what I'm doing. (Like last night, when we watched the movie Children of Men. I can't sit there for two hours without knitting, but I can't be forever looking down at my hands, either.) But basically, nothing has changed since I knit the first stocking.

Send me your entries to yoyocontestATgmailDOTcom. (Look at me! I'm big time! I have an email address just for contests!) State the date AND TIME (note: I work Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 5:00) when you figure I'll be finished, and whoever gets closest wins. (Yes, I am totally ripping Cara off.)

And, as a bonus, I'll be throwing in a Bellocq pattern of your very own!! (Which, obviously, I will purchase, download, and email to you in pdf format, unless I figure out another way to get the download link directly to you. I will NOT be sending you my pattern - I'll be buying another one specifically for you. I won't be stealing!!)

Enter now! You have plenty of time - I'll give you until May 9th to email me your entries! (Come on, I have to be able to start talking about it again eventually!)

Kamikaze Subject Change: Yesterday, I had a lovely little unexpected boost. I work for Government Agency, and I got a call from someone at Related Government Agency. Part of my former position involved the occasional transmission of information to Related Government Agency. And the lady from RGA had to transmit that same information to Yet Another Related Government Agency, and she called just to tell me that I had done everything so beautifully that she didn't have to do any additional work - just hand it all over. She was thrilled to not have to do a whole lot of fiddling with it, and she just called to say "thanks, and good job." Can I tell you how wonderful that is? I work in the sort of place where "thanks, and good job" do squeak by occasionally, but to hear it from someone who is only peripherally involved in my performance...well, that was just very nice! Like when a stranger tells you that your eyes are pretty, or that your shoes are fantastic - you're really inclined to believe them, and it's such a great confidence booster.

You're still here? I'm giving away Socks That Rock, for goodness sakes! Enter now!! (Remember, email me your entry, don't leave it in the comments. I am suffering from wedding-induced dementia and cannot be relied upon to keep track of stuff right now.)