Saturday, March 24, 2007


"Yoink" is the sound one makes when stealing something. I find it is important, when stealing, to verbally acknowledge that you are a blatant thief.

So I present: A color study in pinks, a la b r o o k l y n t w e e d. Yoink!

Color Study: Pinks

This is part of the new batch of Socks that Rock, four skeins in Rose Quartz - I received them Friday and wound the first one up immediately. I'm not as in love with this batch as I was with my previous batch - this one's more strongly variegated and less of a shaded solid, and there are also some little splotches on it - spots of darker colors and even a few areas where it appears a bit of red dye fell on the yarn. I'm at a point where I can't really risk further delays, though, so I'm just going to shrug it off. I wasn't hoping for much perfection on the wedding day, but these - I mean, I have complete and total control over how these turn out, and they're going to be my heirloom item - though a shawl might be a nicer heirloom than socks, that just wouldn't really be me - so I wanted them flawless. But the important thing is to have handdyed yarn by artisans who I respect and admire and want to support - and STR is definitely that! And the yarn just seems like a universal truth - sometimes even the most wonderful things end up with a few splotches. You take the splotches with the beauty, and you learn to appreciate it all. *end Pollyanna moment*

I did cast on for the first stocking, and I've made really great progress today. We spent a good portion of the day in the car, so I had passenger knit time - we went down south to visit my best friend and her boyfriend - we had lunch with them and her dad, and then we went to see 300, and we got to play with their new Wii a bit. (Dude. We need one of those. I mean, video games you can write off as exercise?? Crazy!) All in all, a totally great day.

Here's Bitty, modeling the humble beginnings of the stocking on Friday night:

Toe Head

She gets such a sad face when she's sleepy. It probably didn't help that I forgot to check the settings on the camera and the first time I took this picture, I blinded her little sleepy eyes with the flash. My poor baby!

Note to last week's contest winners: through a series of issues that were totally the post office's fault (according to me), your prize packages finally went out today - I did send them all Priority, though, so you should have them shortly.

Sale Update: My best count, just from the ones who've fessed up, seems to indicate that I took at least seven people into the Knit Happens fire with me. I feel so perfectly, deliciously evil. (Think how happy we'll all be by mid-week, though!)

Tomorrow: decent stocking progress photos, along with a bit of yarn p0rn (my Sweet Sheep order arrived! Loopy Ewe too!).