Friday, March 23, 2007

Quickie Post, Nothing to See Here...

Yeah, so about that post yesterday - that wagon was sure easy to jump on, wasn't it? I feel much better about my fall from grace at the hands of Knit Happens now that I know that several of you were right there in the pile with me! Thank you for commenting to let me know I wasn't the only one who went nuts.

One thing I want to point out - I noticed something when I was perusing the site yet again this morning (no second purchase so far, but the day is young yet). When you click on Rowan (you DID click on Rowan, right?), the RYC Cashsoft 4-ply doesn't show up. There's still a TON of it - probably because it's not in the "brand" directory. Here's the link to that yarn. I point this out because it's a great fingering-weight yarn, and if you're thinking of making yummy socks, it's a good choice. I picked up seven skeins for the Rhiannon stockings - if you're planning on knitting any of those knee-high-cuffed patterns of Cookie's, this would be a good choice - and it's $3.83 per 190 yard skein.

In case you didn't check out the sale because you thought, "Yeah, sale, big deal," let me emphasize this is not just a sale. It's a SALE. Caps, bold, italics, all that! Example? FOUR DOLLAR KOIGU. (Yeah, it's all gone. So's the Lorna's. I think the Cherry Tree Hill is too.) But there's still tons of Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Cascade, Classic Elite - much of it for under four dollars. The needles are on sale too, so if you've been needing some Addis to round out your collection, go nuts; or if you've wanted to try the Lantern Moon Destiny circulars but couldn't swallow the $23 pricetag, now could be your opportunity - they're fifteen bucks.

I've been too exhausted to knit most nights this week, and I'm still mourning the slow death of my Mystery Dyer and Fiber Club installments from The Sweet Sheep (shipped two weeks ago, Expedited, and still not here because US Customs remains diligent about the counterfeit sheep trade in Canada, apparently). They seize every second package of goods I order from Michelle - but I keep ordering, dammit, because her shop is just that good. I'm keeping hope alive, though - the last time this happened, my package arrived, covered in weird stamps and symbols, right around the time I gave up on ever seeing my yarn. ETA: Michelle just reported on the shop blog that her shipment of Sknitches just came in! She's hoping to have them up tonight, and if they don't fly off the shelves immediately, I'll alert you when they're posted. Of course, I won't alert you until I take my picks first. I love you guys, but I love me more. ;-)

I'm going to spend the rest of the day trying to refrain from buying any more entire lots of yarn. Please Lord give me strength....the mortgage payment is due. (ETA again: Well, I didn't buy an entire LOT of yarn. Just a few skeins. Of cashmere. Dammit Amanda.)

Since I have nothing to show for this week, I instead give you the opportunity to laugh at what a lousy knitter I can be. This is an older photo you may have seen before - but it's worth sharing again - keeps me humble.

Rob a liquor store.

That's a sock.


Have a great weekend! Don't do anything I wouldn't do! (Although judging by the fact that I pull socks over my head, that's probably not setting the bar very high.)