Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I had such a crap day at work, and I was just rubbish - couldn't seem to get anything I wanted to done, that kind of thing. And at about 5:07, that sound that you heard all the way in [insert your location here] was my head hitting the desk when I read this. I was online, hitting refresh, ready to Get. My. Sundara. Yarn. Dammit. And....no go on the update. Boo. (I understand the reasoning, I totally think it's cool what she's doing. But that doesn't make it any easier!)

So I came home and had some macaroni and cheese (mood clue: I always want macaroni and cheese when I need comfort. Stouffer's frozen if I'm sick, and the cruddy Kraft-in-a-box powdered crap if I'm sad or down.) Travis is on his way to pick up some frozen custard, and I'm watching Grey Gardens. (I tell you, after a rough day, there is nothing like watching two batshit-crazy old ladies in floppy hats run off at the mouth about some of the nuttiest stuff you've never heard anyone talk about in your whole life.)

New stuff I love: The Arcade Fire. Ohhhhh the new album Neon Bible is just Uh-Huh-MAAAzing. If you're interested, NPR has an article, where there's also a concert download and some streaming audio of some live cuts. I first heard them on NPR's All Songs Considered - which is a fantastic podcast if you're one of those people who can never decide what kind of music to listen to. I like almost everything and have been way out of the loop on what the kids are listening to these days, so I use it to catch up on what doesn't suck. I used to be so in touch - my ex-fiance was a rock musician, and I always knew what was hot, what was coming up, and I could recognize and turn my nose up at all the right sucky things. (Hint: Emo. See also: Evanescence.)

Awesome sidenote about my ex's band - they got to play at THE CBGB in New York last year, right before the eviction. It was pretty amazing that they had the chance. He's a cool guy - he deserves to have that story to tell his kids someday, even though they won't know what the hell CBGB is - isn't that sad?

Watching the batshit ladies did give me the downtime I needed to turn the heel on the Friday Harbor socks. Lookit:

Friday Harbor, turned heel

Happy bright colors to cheer me up...hurray for the healing qualities of knitting and Socks that Rock!

Friday Harbor in progress

And, of course, all hail the Nancy Bush!

Renewal! Tomorrow is another day!