Monday, March 19, 2007

Knitting Infiltrates Everything

Sometimes I think that if I were to ever win anything really huge, like the lottery, I would literally drop dead.

Yesterday, on the way home from Travis' mom's house, I checked my email on my phone and saw a message from Scout (or Scout, depending on which link you prefer, the one with words or the one with goodies). The subject declared, "CONGRATULATIONS!" It could only mean one thing - I got into the Indie Swag Club!! (She had a lottery for it, which was both excruciatingly fair and 48 hours of horrifying torture.) I bounced around, shrieked, squealed, and otherwise rejoiced. I explained the whole thing to Travis.

After listening patiently, Travis declares thus:

" just got an email that says you owe this lady one hundred and ninety dollars. And this is the big highlight of your day?"

Okay, when you put it THAT way, yes, it sounds less thrilling. But you should see what some of the last round's kits included! This is a GREAT bargain!

But yeah, it does make me wonder what would happen to me if I ever won something that didn't actually cost me money. 'Cause so far, some of my best days have been expensive. ("Here's your Rockin' Sock Club registration code!" "You're a Loopy Groupie!" "Welcome to the Indie Swag Club!" "I've upped the Loopy Seasonal Sock Club limit to 150 participants!") Life was maybe simpler, and definitely cheaper, pre-yarn. (But not nearly as fulfilling.)

I believe this brings me to a total of three sock clubs and one fiber club. I think it's time to dedicate myself to the club yarns and slow down on the non-club sock yarn spending. (You don't even want to know what I just typed instead of "sock". Let's just say it's something that I frankly don't EVER want to slow down on. Giggedy.) How many different yarn-purchase-related resolutions have you seen here over the past few months? But hey, it's not like I didn't have a good reason for calling myself the Yo-Yo. I'm working on two sock projects right now, though, and tearing through them at a respectable there's hope for me yet. And I think it's very impressive that I managed to refrain from Pure Knits' Yarntini sock club. Travis almost had to duct tape my wallet to the ceiling to keep me out of that one. (I can't jump very well.)

Question: Is anyone in Sundara's Petals Collection sock club? Thoughts? Opinions? I'm considering it, but I've not tried her yarn because every time she puts stuff up, the ones I'd really want are gobbled up instantly. (There's an update tomorrow, dangit, and I'm hoping to catch something...)

You know, I see knitting everywhere. I saw a sign of it in my onion rings on Saturday. Most people would have looked at it and seen a zero, or a "Don't eat me!" symbol. Not me. I saw Aija and her stitchmarkers.

Zer0 onion ring