Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stuff, Things, Freebies...

Heddy mentioned that she'd not tried buying yarn online yet - it's tough for me to not order online, though; Orlando isn't exactly a happening place for knitterly pursuits, and my LYS, as much as I completely adore it, doesn't carry a tremendous amount of sock yarns; further, none of them are indie dyers. My favorites are the indie dyers, so I do most of my shopping online. (Psst, Heddy, a word of caution: it is a slippery, slipperly slope!)

A couple of folks mentioned my poor flogged and bleeding wallet - most of my stashing lately has been gathered with destashing funds - so I haven't been tapping the mortgage or wedding accounts in the interest of yarny pursuits. (Well, not this time anyway.) It is time for me to slow down, though.

I just noticed the other day that I'm coming up on my one-year blogiversary - this blog, anyway. (My other blog is coming up on its one-year-abandonment blogiversary. I had it for almost two years, though, so I can't bring myself to delete it.) And, in the spirit of knitting blogiversaries, I'm running the obligatory contest.

Everyone who leaves a comment between now and midnight eastern time on March 17th (Saturday) will be entered in the contest. Any comment, any post - and it doesn't have to be the least bit profound - if you just want to delurk and leave a comment on this post saying "enter me", go nuts. One entry per reader, for the swag....well, as you can imagine, it's sock yarn.

I haven't decided yet how many winners I'll have - but I've got an idea of what the prizes would be. There may be some Cherry Tree Hill.....there may be some Kindred Spirit....there may even be some Sweet Georgia!

So don't forget to leave a comment this week - the winner(s) will be chosen at random on Sunday morning.

I'll be starting on my wedding stockings soon. I'm not planning on wearing shoes, and my mom is very concerned about this. Granted, we're not always the luckiest people, and I'm fully expecting that anything that can go wrong will...but she had a really intriguing theory about the sorts of things that could be present at the wedding.

Mom: "But what if you step in something???"
Me: "Like what?"
Mom: "I don't know, dog poo or something!!"
Me: "Um. If my wedding features an aisle smeared with dog crap, no amount of pretty high heels are going to make me feel better."
Mom: "But what if??"
Me: "You know what, if that happens, I'll be thrilled. Because my socks and dress will be ruined, but be damn sure my wedding will be free!"
Mom: "Hmm, good point....I'll get there early, you distract the inn's owner."

Heh. Heh heh.