Tuesday, March 13, 2007

O Cookie, My Cookie

So was anyone else kind of socked shocked and disheartened by the absence of Cookie from this season's issue of Knitty? I even saw the thumbprint photo of this sock and thought, "Ahhh, the Cookie pattern!" And while it does have a Cookie correlation, it wasn't a Cookie pattern. (Granted, it's a fabulous pattern and I'm going to knit it anyway.)

But of course, she's been busy with Stitches and all those crazy awesome patterns she was writing for that...and now they're available for sale to the non-Stitches public!! Wheee! AND they're downloadable PDF files, so you can have them right this second! I'm grateful for the instant gratification, even though I'd love her to write a book so I could buy all the patterns in one handy volume for about twenty bucks - I just spent plenty on four of her sock patterns...but a book would take over a year, and I needed them NOW. They're so blissfully gorgeous...Rhiannon in particular is such a work of art. I can't guarantee I'll knit it, but I know I want to...and that's half the battle.

I finally got my Favorite Socks book from Overstock. I'm so thrilled with it - sure, a lot of them are reprints, but just having them all in one place is worth the money. I'm tired of rifling through my issues of Interweave to find the right sock - and hunting for back issues, since I'm still relatively new to the scene. (I'd also picked up the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook - I can't wait to dive into that one!)

In News of the Smooth Segue, did you hear about Eunny?? I'll let her tell you herself - it's such big news, you really should "hear" it from her. But man....she has our dream job. Lucky duck.

I've been having fun reading all your comments for the contest. Keep 'em coming; remember, it's just leave a comment - any comment, any post - between now and midnight Eastern on Saturday...I've started perusing the stash, and there's some great brand-new stuff in there that I'd love to share. There may be enough for several really fantastic prizes - and if you're not a sock knitter, there's something for you, too. ;-)