Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lazy Sunday/Christmas Eve

Travis gave me my Christmas DVD gifts early - we're spending the day listening to the rain on our metal roof (one of my favorite sounds) and watching Clerks 2 and Little Miss Sunshine. Watching a Kevin Smith flick is always a marathon event for me because I have to watch all of the commentaries and deleted scenes and documentaries and extras.

And there's the frantic knitting.

Christmas Countdown

The Christmas Countdown:

1. Concerned knitter overwhelmed by frantic multi-tasking.
2. Blurry kitty trying to get love amidst said frantic multi-tasking.
3. Sock-in-progress #1.
4. Laptop for keeping up with blog subscriptions. (Shown: Wendy)
5. Sock-in-progress #2 (if you can call three rounds of ribbing a sock-in-progress)
6. Spinning in progress for pal

I've been doing some stocking stuffing, too. Can you guess which one's mine?

Christmas Mantle

Everything in my stocking was put there by me. I'm not ashamed, dude.

Travis didn't have any room to put stuff in my stocking, so he threw it all in a box and wrapped it up. Something in here has bells on it, and it's driving me nuts trying to figure out what it is. Rooster seems to have noticed it, too:

Is this for me?

Breaking continuity for a moment....we spotted this on Friday when we went to lunch. It amused me a bit:

Lock the doors

Travis had to go to the store today and buy strawberries for tomorrow's dessert. When he got back, the animals were very thrilled to see him. Oddly, it just happened that he was wearing The Shirt when purchasing berries and cuddling with furry creatures.

In any event, this could be next year's Christmas card:


Have a happy, snuggly holiday!