Monday, December 25, 2006

Hey, Christmas Is Pretty Sweet...

So I wake up this morning and stumble down the stairs to start baking our Christmas morning breakfast goodies. Travis was already up and came into the kitchen in his robe to request that I return upstairs and wait for a few minutes. I figured he must be doing some last minute frantic Christmas morning somethings, so I obliged, grumbling something cranky about wanting presents. (I'm precious.) In my own unobtrusive way, I tried to spy...

Christmas Morning Prep

Photo taken from the gap in between the ceiling of the first floor and the staircase. I thought it was kinda goofy for him to be bundled up in his robe when it was about 76 degrees outside...

When he called me back down, the fire was going in the fireplace and he had lost the robe - he was all dolled up in his dress duds....

Marry Christmas!!

Well, lookie what we have here! Yep, a Christmas morning proposal - certainly more than I was expecting for Christmas!!!

(Um, I said yes.)

And it would appear I have been fully domesticated:

Fully domesticated

A food processor, a wok, and a husband - all of which were on my wishlist! Score!!!

Little Bit was really excited.
Whatever.  I'm pretty.

(I love her Christmas dress, I'm sorry.)

I tried to get Rooster's blessing...

No, I refuse to give my blessing!

He seemed less than enthusiastic:

I can't believe you're doing this to me.

"Break out the catnip, and we'll talk."

The date is up in the air for now - we'll figure it all out eventually, I'm sure. For now, we're just focusing on spreading the word and making sure we have a good photo for the announcements and Save-the-Date cards.

Whaddya think?
We're so happy!!!

Ain't love GRAND??!!!