Thursday, November 30, 2006

What Color Is A Yo-Yo?

You know what I want? I want to be just cool enough to score my own colorway. Man, I would love that. I don't need a book deal, or a huge fan base for my brilliant patterns (thank God I'm not striving for that, since it's not looking good), or my own yarn shop (not that I wouldn't like my own yarn shop....that's a post for another day.) But a colorway would be pretty sweet, don't you think? Like Fig & Plum, or Lime & Violet, or doesn't matter how much yarn I dye for myself, I really want some fabulous little indie person like Yarn Pirate or Yarntini to adore me and name a yarn after me. You know, they wouldn't even have to adore me. Even if they just ACCIDENTALLY named a yarn "Yo-Yo"....I'd take it. Even if it was fuschia and orange and sky blue. It has my "name" on it. And then I'd really BE somebody. (My needs are simple and few.) It wouldn't even be that hard....I'm such a color ho that just about any combination of colors would be perfectly suited.

.....although....if I do have an Indie Yarn Fairy Godmother, my really perfect colors are dusty rose (that antique pink-with-a-touch-of-brown), deep dark red (the kind that makes that doesn't clash with that pink but makes it look oh-so-sexy), chocolate brown. I'm just sayin'....and I don't think I've seen anything that quite hits that combination yet.

Ahhh....we have to have dreams to make our days float by, don't we? But fortunately I'm not that picky, really - I'll buy any old stuff anyway.

punkin head

This could be Yo-Yo. It's from Yarn Pirate and I like it. But instead it's called "Punkin Head". And I've studied myself thoroughly in the mirror and I think I can definitely state that this colorway was not named after me. I'm no "punkin-head". I think I see here, finally, Pomatomus.


This is not a Yo-Yo. This is a Secret Pal. (I'm telling you that so that I'm not able to squirrel it away for myself when it gets here. You all know and must hold me to my commitments.) This one's Yarn Pirate, too. Secret Pal discounts are kinda awesome. And I do love that shimmery Merino/Tencel sock yarn....

Damn, is Christmas over yet? I'm ready to knit me some socks for ME!

(Oh, fabulous images courtesy of Yarn Pirate. But don't tell her I yanked her photos, 'kay?)

I suppose I'm feeling rather self-centered lately. I think it's 'cause I'm sick. I can be SUCH an obnoxious brat when I'm sick. I won't eat anything other than grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup and I want everything done for me - I even asked Travis to prop me up better on the couch a few nights ago (hey, I had a really high fever, I was a bit delirious) - and, now here I am dreaming up a line of my own boutique sock yarns...