Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ants Are From Mars, Worms Are From Venus

First of all - please, oh please tell me you read the Harlot's post today. I laughed till I stopped. Then I declared, with full fierce resentment, "Why doesn't this shit ever happen to ME???" Travis read it and declared his love for Harlot and her tales, thus scoring me one Knitter's Point for getting him to read and enjoy a knitting blog other than one that features a silly picture of him.

I forgot to mention that I finally scored a copy of Rowan 40. I had to have it, though I hadn't actually SEEN it so I couldn't tell you why I had to have it. While perusing it, I had one of those catch-your-breath moments where I turned a page and saw something I MUST HAVE. I see a lot of stuff I want to have, and I make careful notes of them in my mind so I can be sure to forget them right away, but I rarely see stuff I MUST HAVE. I'll have to get a picture when the light is better.

I also picked up Domiknitrix. Actually, I picked up two. (I mean "picked up" quite literally - that's all I did. Travis actually paid for them, although I didn't realize he was only offering to purchase the coffee at the Barnes & Noble interior Starbucks, not the coffee, a muffin, and three books. And yes, he did almost choke when she announced our two caramel macchiatos were going to set him back sixty-five dollars. My efforts to convince him that boutique coffee prices had really gotten out of hand fell flat. Well, excuuuuuse me.) The book is clever. The patterns aren't all completely practical, but some of them are really quite dear, and the knitting tips and such things are clear, concise, and well-photographed. (Hence I also got a copy for Jessi, even if most of the patterns in the book are more intermediate-level.)

Travis is playing Dead Rising on his 360 tonight. It's a zombie smash-em-up kind of game, and it's fun to watch. It takes place in a mall (This game bears no resemblance to Dawn of the Dead, we swear it!) and he busted into a toy store and started attacking zombies with stuffed bears and a toy light sabre. He can also pick up giant Lego Man heads and drop them onto the zombies heads. I'm here to tell you, one helluva happy Wednesday night can be had just by spinning up some BFL and watching groaning zombies with enormous Lego Man heads bumping into each other and flailing their arms about.

I am knitting. I'm knitting Hourglass. I'd show you photos, but....well. It's olive. It's knit in the round. It's an ocean of green stockinette. If that doesn't get you all jazzed up (and I know it doesn't), I don't know what else I can offer you.

Finally: it's no crazy-lady-in-grubby-panties, but it's what caught me off guard today:

Lost in Translation

Things start out so well. Business model? Clever. Graphic? Works. Slogan, "We'll close the case on:" etc.? Appropriate. Ants, roaches, rodents, "and other aliens"?


I think we misplaced the mojo right there. Other criminals, other gangsters, other bad guys, sure. Other aliens? I think we've lost the whole idea of what Dr. Watson was about, fellas. And don't even get me started on dissecting the theory that the billions of bugs that inhabit our planet are not actually of this world. For a moment I actually considered calling the number on the side of the truck and asking them to explain themselves.