Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fa La La La La, And A Call To Arms!

Sometimes I have more fun photographing and playing with my yarn than I actually do knitting or spinning it.

Last night I got a special delivery at the house - my Black Bunny Fibers Christmas roving. It was so almost-garish in the photos that I had to buy it. (Ummm....sorry, no roving photos - I kinda jumped right on the spinning.)

Close-up handspun

It barber-poled really nicely! I would have liked to three-ply it, but I was afraid it might end up kind of muddy. It's mostly green and red, with just a touch of orange due to blending. It was dyed in long sections, so it was easy to get long segments of one color. The spinning was great too - long staple fibers, easy spin...and I managed to keep this one away from DK weight - at 180-190 yards in four ounces (100 grams), I'm closer to heavy worsted weight. No earthly idea what to knit with this, but a Christmas item is a safe bet...


Yarnf?  Scarn?

Maybe I'll start a new trend! A yarn-scarf. (A scarn? A yarnf?) I suppose I'm just crazy enough to think this actually doesn't look half-bad....thank God I have Travis to point out, "Um...actually, it pretty much looks like you have yarn around your neck." Bah - he just doesn't understand. Damn Muggles!


Okay, fine, how about a muffler?




(Travis' verdict: "Ehhh....no, baby. Still yarn. Sorry.")


Well, to hell with the Muggles! Let's band together on this one! Who's with me?! We can make this happen - and it'll make holiday gift-giving that much easier if you can skip the knitting and just go with yarn-as-accessory! Think of the possibilities - Mittarns, Scarns, Yarfflers....and my personal favorite, the Yarnulke. (Because I have attended synagogue during Sabbat service - hey, why not? - and I kept thinking about all the cool yarmulkes I could knit....all those plain ol' black satin-y ones....yawn! Although I did see at least one hot pink one, and that made me happy.)