Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bracing Myself



Not that I don't love it - I do. But this one's bittersweet (heavy on the bitter), and then you gotta add in that whole grocery factor....

I LOATHE holiday grocery shopping. And I have to go tonight to get stuff to make a nice simple recipe to take with me to two Thanksgiving dinners (thanks for the tip, Rosi!) I tried going to the store yesterday around 4:00. Walked in, grabbed a cart, walked ten steps - bumping into at least seven people in the process - and turned the hell around and went home, thinking I'd just get milk some other, maybe in January. Of course, today it's probably gonna be even worse. I'm gonna need to stuff my pockets with yarn - you know, for strength and courage.

So after we're all stuffed and miserable, we leave for South Florida again. This time, though....the whole entire world is different. It's all kind of fuzzy and a little less exciting when you have to face that a piece of it has moved....not completely gone....just....elsewhere. And harder to see.

Giving thanks can be a challenge some years.

But I digress. I started a scarf from Victorian Lace Today, got 13 rows in, dropped something, became hopelessly tangled and lost, and ripped. We'll try again, maybe something different. I'm not in a concentrating way right now. It might be a good time to start thinking about Hourglass. (Yes, there ARE still people who haven't knit that yet.) I know it's supposed to be all about the Christmas knitting, but I only get 34 days in a year that I could even wear a wool sweater, and I'd hate to miss them.

Oh, you know - I also discovered I've been executing the SSK incorrectly. Cute. It does, however, explain why my decreases always looked a bit sloppy. Glad to have that right now. (And it's not as bad as the time I realized I'd been purling incorrectly for almost a year.)

Finally - Jessi revealed to me that her favorite part of knitting is "unknitting". She's a fearless frogger - but I take that as a good sign, since frogging is a big part of what we do. Besides, she's in good company on her adoration of the frog pond!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!