Monday, November 20, 2006

Don't Feed Them Past Midnight

Twee rovings

The only thing better than getting a big bag of roving is getting a big bag of little rovingettes. Aren't they .... CUTE?? I ordered this from StonyCreek, and they make me smile. (I wonder....if I get them wet....will they multiply?!)

It was a pretty good mail day:


Who kicks ass? AMAZON kicks ass! When did I order these? Thursday? And with the free shipping? Color me impressed!

I have learned the joy of toe-up socks:

Leftover yarn (toe-up!)

Nobody likes wasting Koigu. Especially your own hand-painted Koigu. This is actually what I had left over. Ha!!

Boyfriend Sock

The first boyfriend dad sock is done! I loved it - whipped through it like crazy! Maybe ten days? Seems long, but I really worked on it at my leisure (if you can call it that.) And that includes the time it took me to fix a mis-crossed cable nine rows and two crosses down (with a little help from the Harlot). Oh, and it also includes the time it took me to pick up a stitch I'd dropped during a cable cross six rows down. The blessed little thing was just chilling, sticking out there, waiting to be spotted, gracefully refraining from unravelling further. I did avoid having to unravel all the way back down - I managed to pick it up and drag it back up through the running threads, and damned if I can even figure out where it was now.

And short row heels?

Short-row heel


Boyfriend Sock

I love cables. I LOVE them. It's basically ribbing, ya know? But they're so much more INTERESTING than ribbing, both visually and for the knitting. Pop's gonna be thrilled with these. (And if he's not, he's stuck with them anyway, 'cause they're too big for anyone in this house!)

Public Service Announcement Time:

Nifty Gifty Alert: Ten dollar sale at Threadless. I bought a whole slew of fun/cute/clever/artistic tees for friends and family. Huzzah! Here's my personal favorite, I think. (I love zombies. Well, no...that's a misstatement...I love the IDEA of zombies. Actual zombies would probably make me pee myself.)