Saturday, November 18, 2006

Brace Yourself - Extreme Cuteness Ahead!

Edited to make photos smaller because stupid Blogger in IE won't keep my sidebar in the right place if the photos are too big. Someday I'm going to ditch Blogger and start paying for a blog so it can look like I WANT it to look. But that's going to require effort and cash on my part....and currently, I'm having to divert both to other departments.

There was a bit of baby knitting not long ago. (There will be a LOT more soon....friend Melissa is having a baby, and I just found out friend Mike is going to be the daddy of a little girl, and the cousin's twin boys were born a few weeks ago.)

New mom Gina got some photos of Baby Kat in her little jacket. This kid's getting cuter by the minute - by the time we get to see her, we may have to look at her through a hole in a piece of paper. (We'll be in the DC area in May, yay!)

Baby Kat in her HUGE sweater

I love babies. I love them 'cause they don't give a DAMN. She's all, "Um, this thing is kinda huge. Have you guys noticed? Yeah, it's totally sorta big. I can't even...lookit....can you please...I need my thumb, and this sleeve is....could you just maybe, you know, shove that down? Or take this thing off? Or something?"

Baby Kat wondering why she's wearing such a huge sweater

"Alright, enough with the pictures. It's real special, I love it - now take it OFF. I NEED MY THUMB!! This one! You can't even SEE IT, but it's in this sleeve right here!! GIMME MY DAMN THUMB!!!"

Baby Kat in her sweater

"Oh...well, it is kinda cozy. But hey, whenever we get where we're goin', take care of that sleeve thing for me, wouldja?"

Thank God they grow. Although it terrifies me to think that it'll be way too small for her in just six months. Babies are so bizarre that way.