Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Things Lately That Have Made Me Happy

With the arrival of terribly unhappy news (that is not knitting-related, and also not blog-appropriate) and other icky things (infections, hot weather, slow times at work, and self-imposed ultra-strict diet), I've decided to touch on a few things I've loved or will be loving:

1. I received my Lucy yarn from Socks That Rock. Rooster even took a fleeting interest in it (because it was almost, but totally not quite, as pretty as he is.)

2. I received my Kill Bill and Slayer (and Rusted, but that's for Travis) from Sweet Georgia. The Kill Bill makes me giggle every time I look at it.

3. Travis finished my first cedar cubby shelf for my yarn room! It's amazing and wonderful and stinks up the whole room with that lovely-to-me, loathsome-to-moths scent....the joyous odor of guaranteed wool safety. [Stocking up those shelves made me realize I have a LOT of yarn. Worse still (not that a lot of yarn is a bad thing), I have a LOT of single skeins. Ugh.]

4. I tried a new cast-on. (Baby steps.)

5. I'm rocketing along on my Picovoli. That is a whole crapload of stocking stitch...I think the Central Park Hoodie just moved up in ranks, and will be my next garment project instead of Hourglass. (Hourglass following Picovoli = enough plain stocking to make one think about knitting a noose...in fair isle, of course). And, since everyone hates posts with no pictures, here's something....a model in the Central Park Hoodie I intend to knit someday.


6. My LYS carries Malabrigo now!! This is very exciting stuff! (Okay, quick downside - at $15 a skein, it's a little higher priced than some places. So I'll just keep picking up the stuff for big projects from said other places. But a single skein here and there from the LYS can't hurt.)

7. My LYS is also having a big anniversary bash this weekend and I'm wicked excited. Travis is going with me (because there's food) and we were discussing duration last night. It starts at 3:00 and the shop usually closes at 6:00. The idea of three hours at a yarn shop horrified him, but I assured him that we wouldn't stay that long...unless of course Doni were to say "Hey, 60% off everything in the store...but only from 5:45 to 6:00!" But then I declared that I didn't need shouldn't buy any more yarn right now, and Travis declared, "For 60% off??!! Are you out of your mind? Buy, buy, buy!"

I think I love him.

I swear I am knitting. I'm just rotating projects and not actually finishing anything. I'm not Wendy, okay? I can't be expected to, you know, accomplish stuff.

You know what else, though? Since I've revealed myself to my Secret Pals, I can reveal them too! Necia was my SP8 pal, and I LOVED spoiling her. She was constantly into new hobbies (just in these three months, she added spinning and sewing to her repertoire) and, apparently, was blessed at birth with an 87-hour day. You should see how much spinning, knitting, and sewing she manages to accomplish. And she has a job. And a three year-old. (I always use that 40-hour-week excuse for not finishing anything...but apparently I have no right.) And Emily is my One Skein Pal, and she's a brilliant knitter, plain and simple. You should see the socks she just finished. Or her Hush, the nightie from Knitty (hee...alliteration). She also, unwittingly, taught me of the Waldorf School and how very much I'd like to send my future children there. (Emily and I have similar tastes in a lot of things - every time I shopped for her, it ended up being a "one for her, one for me" kind of thing. Oops.)

So go read their blogs. They've probably started and finished a project in the time it took me to write this post.