Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Finally, The Big News!

Oh, where to begin?? Well, actually, I began by whining and being pitiful while Travis performed minory surgery and tweezed bits of glass out of my foot. But that's beside the point. Let's fast-forward to now. First of all, there is my new cut-and-colour.


Travis is still sucking up due to all the needling and tweezing. Ouchie.

I finished Susan's Lost Coast socks. I gifted them to her on Monday, and insisted that she not take them home until Wednesday so I could retrieve my camera from my LYS and get a photo. (I know, I'm such an ass.) So I'll post pictures of those tomorrow.

I got notice and "dibsies" status on Pure Knits' latest batch of Yarntini. Silly woman thought I might want a skein. Hehe...that's cute...a skein. I wanted eight. I bought four.

Then there's my new sweater. I swatched, and actually got gauge (miracle of miracles, wonders never cease). I was off pre-wash, but post-wash, I have the perfect gauge on the softest most delectable Hempathy swatch:


So I went ahead and cast on for the back of Tilia. I've completed three chart repeats and I LOVE this pattern so far. Stay tuned.


I'm anxious to block it already! Doesn't it look tiny? Here's a closeup of the lacy leaf detail.


I've had several compliments already on the pattern and, oddly, the colour choice. I mean, yeah, I like the colour...but...it's...brown. Wooo. Brown. (Actually, it's a nice warm caramel...but still. Brown.)

But that is SO not all.

Things have been, ah, difficult Chez Nous. So difficult that Travis thought he might need something therapeutic to occupy his time. And maybe he wanted to identify, or share a little time, or...hell if I know, but Saturday, he popped The Question.


"Will you teach me how to knit?"

Yes, yes, oh a thousand times, YES.

And I was going to cast on for him and teach him the knit stitch first, but he wanted to do it all himself. So he's casting on!



Our Ale House server was hanging back watching Travis learn, and she finally sat down and declared, "Alright, show me because I have NEVER been able to figure out how that works!"

Sigh. It was heaven.

We took Hedwig (my Prius) to the Toyota dealership for the speediest service I've ever gotten, which I must attribute to the fact that other customers were probably feeling uncomfortable by the seemingly straight couple sitting in the waiting room knitting away.



He went to the LYS with me. He sat down. He KNITTED. And he was happy about it! Or frightened! I'm not sure! But I'll take it!


He even tolerated the loads of pictures I had to take to commemorate the occasion.


I got a picture of his swatch progress before we headed home. (And promptly left my camera on this table until today.)

Currently, this is where he stands:


He knitted, he purled, he stocking-ed, and he ribbed. Sort of. See, that was my fault...I was working on ribbing my sock, and I told him that ribbing was easy - just K2P2 (or any number). Except he was working flat. So K2P2 didn't work. It took me a full day to realize that I'd told him wrong - now he's giving it a shot again, with proper instruction.

Which brings us to tonight. How could I be much other than content in this living room?


Man, knitting. Doggie, snuggling. Kitty, running from camera. And my hair, supercute.

Life's not so bad.