Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dear Pure Knits:


Okay, it would be difficult for me to explain in words the sheer depth of my recently-discovered intense dislike for Thursdays. Bad stuff has been happening around here on Thursdays. And not like, "Waiter, there's a dead fly in my soup" kind of bad. More of a, "Waiter, there's a dead guy in my soup" kind of bad. (No one has died, that's merely a metaphor.)

Yahaira is, unwittingly, attempting to restore goodness to Thursday. (And hey, Thursday deserves it. She does have the fortune to be Nearly Friday, and that's a blessed position.)


Le sigh. Four brilliant skeins of Yarntini. (Top to bottom: Cherry Cordial, Pure Knits, Gimlet, Mimosa.) Four brilliant, cheerful, shining skeins of Yarntini, begging to be knit. I have Eleanora on the needles, and I intentionally cast on for a pair of grey socks tonight, for Travis. I WANTED to cast on for a pair of Mimosa socks for me, but I'm trying to be strong. (Besides, I have Tilia on the needles for me.) There's also a Copper-Boo:


It's a hair-thin strand of copper wrapped around a hair-thin strand of bamboo, making it just a little bend-y (that's a technical term) and looks like fun to work with. It'd make amazing jewelry. (Someday....or know, whenever I can't stand it anymore.)

And what's this?


Crunch, crunch, crunch....could this be a big ol' cake of Hip Knits aran silk? In the colour "Barbie", which just makes me love it that much more? (It's more fuschia than red, but Photoshop would not adjust the colour for me the way I would have liked.)

Could it be that I might not have ordered that? Could it be that was just a day-brightener? Could it be that I wanted to lie down and die of sheer joy right there in the post office lobby? (Could it be that I was riddled with guilt for my cashmere sock yarn once more and felt compelled to try winding it again, only to open the box in which it still rests, right next to my knitting chair, and almost burst into tears once more?)

Oh happy silky Thursday, I love you!

Life is getting in the way of knitting a bit around here. There's a lot of MD/PhD/DMD action lately, too, and that's been less conducive to knitting than I would have thought - no one's been willing to let me sit in a waiting room for more than five minutes. When I didn't have a sedentary hobby, I used to have to wait for they rush me right in. Go figure.


So I only have marginal Tilia progress. I will probably not continue to post daily updates of the three chart repeats I completed in two days. For now, I'm still excited, and still loving it.

On to grey sock and brown sweater! (Hang on, cheery Mimosa socks, I'm coming!!)