Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Who Needs Teddy Bears?

(Warning - I have the TV on and a heightened attention span problem...expect a few disjointed ramblings.)

I got a package in the mail today, which happened to contain yarn I purchased from Destash and promptly forgot all about.

Malabrigo. Colours so rich and/or vibrant I want to swim in them, yarn so soft I want to sleep with it. (No, no...in a cuddly way, thank you.) The comparison would be to Manos (or maybe Rio de la Plata), only infinitely softer. Better still, 215 yard skein for 5 BUCKS. (Er, Destash price. Retail is $12, I think.) It knits up like $5 cashmere. No, $5 cashmere would probably be pure crap. It knits up like not-$5 cashmere.

I was so anxious about the stuff I couldn't wait. I actually couldn't even be bothered to come up with a decent one-skein project for it - I just started whipping up a skinny scarf in a simple lace pattern from the summer Interweave.

(Side note: I just now caught the "Damian...Look at me, Damian....It's all for you" nanny sequence preview for The Omen. If that movie wasn't freaky enough the first time...and then there's the release date...yeesh.)

Anyway, back to things less creepy:


The colors aren't showing quite right, but they're close. The fact that I photographed it in poor light on a green blanket doesn't help...it's dusty pinks and smoky lavender colors, sort of a sophisticated version of pastel. I LOVE this skein - even the colours are similar to a cashmere (which is WAY not $5) that I've been eyeing at my LYS. I was so sure I'd love this stuff that I bought both skeins the seller had - the other is crazy magenta and hot pinks, and I even love that. (I also love my Lantern Moon needles, which are super pointy, a lovely thing for size 11 wooden needles to be. Even if they are slippery as Ken Lay.)


My camera afforded a rare moment of stitch clarity. Figured it was worth sharing.

(Does the world need another Fast and Furious movie? I remain of the belief we didn't need the first two. This is why I avoid commercials...I see too many things advertised that distress me.)

I'm too upset about Hollywood sequels right now...I can't go on. Back to my lovely, lovely Malabrigo!