Monday, May 29, 2006

Odessa On The Town

Odessa took her first journey today, and we celebrated her birthday (a day after mine...she was a late arrival.)

Odessa went to the final day of the Fringe, seeing the Blue Venue Patron's Pick, the hilariously funny and clever Mark Baratelli's Improv Cabaret. (It was Odessa's first time seeing the show, but my third - I LOVED the guy.)


Odessa wishes I'd fixed my hair before this photo, and she felt I was trying to make her look bad.

Odessa was photographed with my Travis, with whom she flirted mercilessly all day. Trollop.


Odessa explored the limits of bad taste on a furniture shopping excursion. (Excuse the fuzz - I had to turn the flash off in order to not arouse the suspicion of disinterested salespersons.)


(It's worth clicking on for a closer look...everything is covered in faux marble cherubs. If this is your thing, I apologize...but if this is your thing, MAN you're into some tacky shit.)

Odessa enjoyed a birthday lunch (and my own belated birthday meal, as we chose to celebrate last night with a group of friends rather than just the two of us as previously planned) at the Cheesecake Factory, where she was treated to a lovely surprise (which led to Travis being dispatched back to the car to fetch the camera before the whole thing went up in flames):


(I love the chocolate balloons on the left side of the plate.)

Beautiful as it was, it met a tragic demise:


Odessa and I pleaded to be allowed a few bites, but the reaction was rather hostile and unaccomodating:


I'm asking you to believe that I didn't eat about 2/3 of this thing before allowing Travis in on it. Please? (See Also: complaints of "inexplicable and sudden" weight gain.)