Thursday, April 20, 2006

Stop Me Before I Cast-On Again!

Okay, breaking news: Sip and Knit carries Mountain Colours Bearfoot! I ordered the stuff from Kaleidoscope Yarns without realizing it's a line my LYS carries! Shame on me. (Note: They have always carried it. I've just never seen it. Nerd.)

I blew about half my tax refund (which I haven't actually received yet) last night there, and another good-sized chunk on the latest round of Greenwood Fiberworks sock yarns. I almost sat down for Sit, Sip, and Knit, but I wanted to get home and eat. Next week. Definitely. (There were young people there!!)

I've already got my Jaywalkers on the needles (stalled at the heel flap that I'm concerned is way too big) and I started another pair of socks, a Sockbug pattern with Greenwood yarn (I really needed to start knitting with it before I ordered more). But I HAD TO cast on a large project - all these socks are making me itchy for something bigger, maybe more luxurious. Sure, I have Snigglet's Catghan, but it's simple garter stitch in acrylic fuzz fur yarn. I'd had big plans for this Catghan, but just casting on told me that this wiggly slick stuff would knit up a gartered square and nothing more.

I'm exceedingly excited about my newest project. I can't talk about the yarn (stunning) or the pattern (simple but breathtaking). It's the first individual pattern I've paid for (I'm not one for paying $5 for a single pattern when I can get a whole book for $20) because I saw a completed one hanging in the shop yesterday and HAD TO make it. I'm using a different (heartbreakingly beautiful) yarn, so I'm hoping that doesn't tank the whole project. It may be entirely the wrong yarn...actually, I think there's a good chance it's entirely the wrong yarn...but I'll keep going a bit and determine at a later date if and/or how to proceed.

And that's it! I demand of myself that I wrap up these four UFOs before I start anything else. And no more yarn...I have too many things I'm itching to use already.

Mom's coming into town this weekend!! I wonder if she'd let me drag her to Sip & Knit? Not to buy yarn, of course. Just to browse.......right?

Does anyone else want to knit something out of Suri Alpaca for the creepy new Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise baby? Just because, I mean, how often are people going to have babies named after luxury yarn? I'm naming my kids Debbie Bliss, Colinette, Lorna, and Patagonia. (The fourth kid really gets screwed, huh?)

Picture pages, coming soon.

(Oh, and as I anticipated, Dad got his socks and fuh-reaked out. He called and declared, "I HAVE SOCKS!! I love you!!" He said didn't know anyone could even do those by hand anymore. And true to my prediction, he's not planning on wearing them, except to Alafaya. And he said tucked one in his back pocket to show off when he goes out. Good ol' Dad.)