Friday, April 07, 2006

Mem'ries....In The Corner Of My Stash...

Okay, here's what happened. I have grown to resent Travis' socks. I look at them in the closet now and they irritate me. It's not that they're poorly made - they're far from perfect, but for a first attempt, they're noble. But I HATE the yarn. I don't like the way it pooled, I don't like how it striped in a spiral, and I don't really like the colours. I LOVED it in the skein. And now I'm annoyed at the couple more skeins I have coming. (Yeah, Knitpicks? You still suck at shipping.) More than anything, I'm just irritated that my first socks were kinda bleh.

I do love how soft Ken's Alafaya socks are....too bad I've only done about 3/4 of the ribbing on the second sock and kind of set it aside. (The curse of the "it's not going to be finished in time for his birthday, so let's give up" attitude.)

I also love my Jaywalkers:


These are for ME. This colourway makes me smile every time I look at it. It reminds me of my childhood. My mother had a watermelon citrine necklace that I really loved when I was little...I think it was close to these colours. So these socks remind me of my mom and me and how much fun we had when I was a kid and how I aspired to be like her and wear jewelry like her and smell Beautiful like her and be as grown-up and well-liked as her.

That's a lot of work for one little pair of socks to do, but look at them go! (The yarn, by the way, is Artyarns Ultramerino 4 in colour 127.) It even makes me happy just lying around in a ball.

Jaywalker in Progress

Kamikaze Subject Change! Once upon a time there was a little Catghan I made for Susan C.'s new kittens (no photo, sorry, I was too anxious to give it away and I forgot) and now there's a new kitten, Snigglet. This one keeps trying to get onto the first Catghan, but the established kittens gnaw on Snigglet's ears whenever he tries to perch - so I've been charged with creating another one for him. (He even picked out his own yarn - a kitten after my own heart.)

But this one is on a surprise "trade". See, Susan reads my blog and has a mind like a steel trap and creativity to match.

Remember how I said that the theory that wearing hand-knitted socks should be your own little happy secret was total bunk and I wished I had a way to broadcast my handiwork?

Yes I Did

She actually had this shirt made FOR ME. Wads of cash would have been less exciting than this. Seriously, I bounced around like I'd just hit the jackpot on Plinko. (I love me some cheesy Price Is Right games.) I even obtained special permission to wear it to work. (See, we're not supposed to wear clothing with writing on it, but I promised to wear a jacket.)

Susan Rocks

Meanwhile, Rooster is not happy with how much time I've been spending with WendyKnit's Lucy.

Who's Prettier Than Me?