Monday, April 10, 2006

Flip Of A Coin

The Jaywalkers made rather pitiful progress this weekend - I'm all the way down to the heel flap on the first sock. Woo. But I have that whole "we spent the entire weekend buying a house and moving" excuse. This does not excuse the fact that I really SHOULD stop being selfish and put them down so I can finish Dad's socks first. I will do that. I will.

I got my first package from Greenwood Fiberworks. It's this wonderful sproingy cotton-lycra yarn that's been selling like gangbusters since Grumperina started talking about it (which is how I heard about it, and thank heavens for that). I got it on moving day - sort of like a housewarming gift! I left it on the counter at the new house and came back to find friends bouncing it around and trying to use it as a slingshot. Fun for non-knitters too! AND the yarn came with a pattern and a hand-written note. How's that for impressive? I've already ordered three more skeins - one in a screaming orange colour that will be my own personal socks. I like mine colourful - the nuttier the better.

I'm also grateful to have found a really delicious non-wool sock yarn. The merino is soft and delicious and all, but for Florida, it's not totally appropriate. Travis wore his Fugly Socks on moving day - they were cushy and nice for support, but when he took them off that night, we discovered that the warmth and the friction had caused almost the entire bottom of the foot to felt. He declared that the felting actually did make them even more comfortable - and it did look pretty neat - but I'm annoyed nonetheless. So superwash wool socks it is....or we stick to the cotton until winter.

The new Knitty issue is up! There's a great sock pattern...I have so many things I'd like to make, but all I can think about is socks.

We're almost completely moved into the new house. I've got my Knitting Room partially set up - it's so beautifully bright and airy - there are four huge windows, nearly floor-to-ceiling, so there's more natural light than you could ever wish for. I can just curl up in my giant loveseat-sized knitting chair and clickety-clack away. I even found a consignment-shop yarn shelf bookcase that is stained perfectly to match the doors and floors that at first glance it almost looks built-in. And gone are the bookends and shelf tchotckes - now each shelf proudly displays favoured yarns. Travis would argue that since he has a computer desk and a set of drums, he should get the larger office, since I could knit in a closet (and I'm pretty sure I have). But I win...mostly just because I'm the woman and I'll gripe and guilt-trip and never let him live it down if he takes the larger room. Membership has its privileges.