Sunday, April 02, 2006

How Was YOUR Weekend?


Travis' socks are DONE. One pair down!!



Thirty seconds later, I took them away to close up some gaps - and he hasn't seen them since.

I'm working on socks for my dad now - he loves shooting powder rifles and stuff like that, and he does this live-like-the-1800s weekend in Alafaya, which is somewhere in Central Florida, but an attempt to find it last time he was there failed miserably. I wanted to make a sock he could wear that would reasonably fit the guidelines for that time period - so I'm knitting up a pair in organic cotton, colour-grown, using wooden needles - AND I didn't use a pattern, just sort of winged it. Socks are just math. But I hate math. But I like knitting....and knitting wins, but only barely. So I get the triumph of making socks AND the triumph of defeating math AND a bit of pride from improvising, however simplistic.

Here is the first of "Alafaya":


It could have come out much, MUCH worse. At least we know it fits me:


And somewhere in between all of that, Travis and I drove down to Port St. Lucie to see Jessi and Jimmy, then to Fort Lauderdale with them and the family for the King Tut exhibit. I got to see her mom and dad AND brother and his's been a really long time since I've seen the whole fam! What a fantastic weekend....