Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Oh, But I'm On The List!

I'm going to need a big burly black man guarding me soon. He'll hold a list, and I'll stand behind him with my dpns and my sock yarn and a discerning scowl, and he'll take names and requests and determine on a whim whether an individual can have the item they're requesting.

I guess I need to quit showing off so much....but since my friends don't knit, and I have a captive audience at work, I have a tendency to go desk-to-desk, thrusting my projects proudly in the faces of occupants and waiting for the compliments to rain down. I've lately taken to a less intrusive tactic of leaving my current project splayed out on my desk, thus allowing all who pass by the chance to again shower me with compliments.

I get compliments. I also get requests.

So far:
Jim: Necktie. Something ugly. (Not crazy about the necktie policy.)
Scott: Ditto. (I'm thinking that recycled silk-sari yarn - that would make a really hideous tie.)
Charisma: Red socks.
Nola: Fingerless gloves.
Daisy: Something in Colombian flag colours.
Susan C.: Socks to go with her cute kitty pjs. (The new Artyarns Supermerino colourway I just picked up would be PERFECT....but those are MINE!)

Then there's Susan S., who bless her heart is just keenly impressed with anything I make. Oh, and Susan C. also wants a beautiful cabled sweater - she was nice enough to send me a sample picture of what she would like - and I've promised that I can have that done by the time she retires (which will be many many years from now.)

Travis' mom wants a hat and socks. Grumperina had a super-cute hat pattern on Magknits that I think she'd love, so I'll have to get going on that in time for Christmas. Moms, dads, sisters, and dearest friends come first. I think I'll just start knitting patterns I like, throw them all in a drawer, and come Christmastime, I'll just start assigning projects to loved ones.

Oh, and then there's the list of things for me. It makes me feel so selfish and greedy, but I figure I can justify it by saying that I have to practice these items before I can make stuff to give away. There's a few little camisole tops, and a hoodie (got the yarn yesterday!) and a pair or two or seventeen of arm warmers, wrist warmers, and fingerless gloves, and a few pairs of socks. (The Artyarns supermerino is reserved for Grumperina's Jaywalker socks that are swiffering the nation.)

I've decided to put off learning how to spin until after SAFF in North Carolina this October. They've got some great classes on spinning, dyeing, and hand-painting. I'm not really feeling up to teaching myself the art of spinning. One major self-taught handiwork project at a time, thank you.

I'm anxiously awaiting my Knitting Vintage Socks book, the one item (besides yarn) that I've decided I can't live without. I saw a bunch of completed projects from that book last night and I love them all so much I could just...well, knit them.

And I've purchased a few pairs of cute Doc Martens (yay eBay!) perfectly designed for showcasing my also-cute handknit socks. They say that one of the great things about hand-knit socks is that no one knows you're wearing them - there's a sense of great pride that you get to keep for yourself. Screw that. I've already ordered t-shirts in seven colours that declare "I KNITTED THESE SOCKS MYSELF." (Okay, not really....but I'm thinking about it. While I'm at it, I'll have a few made up with "ALYSON KNITTED THESE SOCKS FOR ME" and I'll give them away along with the socks to all my friends and loved ones.)

This is fantastic. Why didn't someone teach me to knit like ten years ago??