Monday, November 03, 2008

Promotion That's Not (Entirely) Self-Serving!

All I friggin' do is self-promote around here. Are you sick of it yet? I have a little something different this time...not knitting, though, of course.

If I had any knitting worth showing, I would....I've been working on a cowl-neck sleeveless sweater that, so far, I pretty much hate. And it's almost done. It's too short (why do I insist on knitting everything too short??) but, since it's silk, I'm not worrying about it because I know after I wear it once, it'll stretch down to my knees. However, the "sleeveless" thing is not exciting me since it's stockinette and the armholes roll up about an inch - eww - so it's sort of got this really attractive red-silk-wifebeater look to it. Nice. Totally work-appropriate, no? So I have decided to add cap sleeves - which I'm trying to settle on whether I want to do by knitting sleeves separately and (gulp) seaming them on, or picking up at the armholes and knitting down. I'm pondering that second option and using short-rows to get that cute cap sleeve look. Might work. Might be a disaster. There's a reason I design small items, not sweaters or other things that have to accomodate limbs.

So anyway, I'm here to promote someone else's thing - although I am marginally involved in a tiny way, which allows me to throw a little self-congratulatory nod into this while still pretending it's about someone else. (Yay!)

You can now PRE-ORDER COOKIE A.'S NEW BOOK call Sock Innovation on Amazon. You know you're crazysauce for her designs. If you want a preview glimpse, it's on her website here.

So how in God's name could I have anything to do with this? Well, I got to be part of the group of super-awesome test knitters for the book! Yay, something I knit will be in print! On that preview I linked, you can see the sock I knit. (I will not go so far as to call it "my sock" although I totally do when I look at the pictures...I point at it and go, "That's my sock!" When I did that at home, Travis got all proud of me and I had to back up and explain that it was not really MY sock, but the one I'd test knit a while ago - his pride didn't seem to glow any less brightly though, 'cuz he's sweet and supportive like that. If I'd admitted that actually I'd only held the ball of yarn while someone else knit the socks, he would have been like, "Good job, baby! I bet NO ONE ELSE could ever hold yarn like you did!")

I pulled out a little visual aid from the preview (and I really hope it's okay that I did that...we have permission to share the preview, hopefully I'm not taking unacceptable liberties here.) There's something about it that tickles me:


Do you see the name of the sock? All the socks in the book are named after people in Cookie's life, and it gave me a kick that when she decided on a name for the socks I knit, it was Kristi! Hee.

Go pre-order your copy! I believe it releases in April, which is practically just around the corner already! (Don't scoff at me, think back five months to June. That wasn't all that long ago, was it?)