Tuesday, November 11, 2008


What happened to me, man? Last year - or was it the year before? - I declared November NaWePoNoMo, because it had an extra payday. This year, October had an extra payday, and yet NaWeSoSOPo. So I've joined NaKniSweMo (National Knit a Sweater Month) since procuring new clothing is impossible lately BeWeDoHaNoMo (Because We Don't Have No Money). I'm looking forward to January, NaBarOSaMaBu - Nation and Barack Obama, Save My Butt.

So yes, in order to boost the offerings of my wardrobe without boosting the economy (sorry, economy, you on your own!) I've done a bit of stash diving and cast on for Silken Scabbard, a pattern I picked up during Stitch Diva's $5 sale last week.

Silken Scabbard

I'm probably about 35% of the way through with it - I've made some progress since this photo (taken on Sunday during a trip to St. Augustine with the husband and the dogs) and have since made it down to the waist decrease area. Not bad for a sweater cast on November 3rd and knit from DK weight yarn (specifically, RYC Cashsoft DK, and on US 5 needles). I saw one of these on Ravelry that was finished in twelve days....man I wish I had more knitting time sometimes. I'd like to have this done in time for our trip to North Carolina for Thanksgiving - at the very least, I'm hoping to finish it during said trip. (Travis and I and the dogs and his sister and his mom are all going up to visit my parents for the long weekend. I'm very much looking forward to it - well, everything but the four-people-two-dogs-four-suitcases-in-a-Prius-for-ten-hours part of it. That could be a Griswoldian adventure....)

So there that is. Lookit me. Knitting. (I have some, um, thoughts on this pattern. I'll share when I'm done. I wouldn't discourage knitting it - it's going to be a nifty sweater - but I have........thoughts.)

I forgot to post anything about it here, by the way, but I'm having a shop sale that is active through today - 20% off everything in the shop, prices already marked down. Yay discounts!