Monday, September 15, 2008

Linky Linky!

I have so far blown off posts about our trip to Colorado (and that was in JUNE) and Key West (again, June) and my best friend's wedding and Vegas. But I am diligent about posting my shop updates and my thoughts on political babblings, am I not? Oh well - I promise one of these days I'll post a photo-essay on some of this stuff. And to think I have Taos coming up in a few weeks - I need to stop going out of town!!

Oh, speaking of which - I'm going to Taos in a few weeks! It's been about three years since I've been, and I've never gone at Wool time, so that'll be a nice addition to our usual routines. If anyone's going to Taos Wool, drop me an e-mail or a comment, I like meeting people! I'm flying in to Denver to meet up with Kristi first, and then we'll drive south to Taos. My mom and some of her girlfriends are going too and we're renting a couple of casitas for the week. We're also planning a dinner at Joseph's Table, which is just an amazing place to have a special meal, if you're ever in Taos. (Other planned stops, for anyone who's curious what's available: The Old Blinking Light for burgers, Ogilvies on the Plaza for Tecates and margaritas, Michael's Kitchen for breakfast and cinnamon buns, Overland Sheepskin for that nice leather smell...)

Then I'm going to Rhinebeck (that's about 98% certain right now) and what's even more fun - my mom's decided as of today that she's going to Rhinebeck too!! So I'll probably drag her to as many Ravelry and blogger meet-up things as I can to show her off. I'm so excited!

I should have a finished Habitat by this evening, so I'll have that to show shortly. And hey look, one whole FO! (Yeah, it's just a hat, but so what? It's a FINISHED hat! It's also the first thing I've knit out of my own handspun, which makes it extra-nifty...I kinda figured I'd never knit anything out of it, just let it all sit on a shelf and diligently collect dust.) I also just wrapped up another big ol' batch o' yarn and will be shipping that off in a week or two. I'm hoping to get some good-sized samples (like, half-skeins or something) dyed up and skeined to take with me to Taos and Rhinebeck. (So if you see me, ask me for some yarn - if I have any to give out, I'd love to give it to you!)

For my SAFF friends - sadly, SAFF is off the table this year...I had to choose between Rhinebeck and SAFF and, incredibly enough, Rhinebeck is somehow more cost-effective and requires less time away from work...weird...