Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hey, Lookit Me!

I'm on Lime & Violet's Daily Chum! It's obnoxious to post about that, isn't it? It totally is. That's okay, I just get so tickled when somebody likes me - please indulge me. I'm giddy - like last week when someone mentioned me and Sundara (cue the choir of angels) in the same sentence, though I managed to not post about that (well, until now. Oops.)

It's funny, it's not vanity, it's kind of the total opposite - there's some sort of weird sense of other-personness to it. Like if I was the big geek in high school wearing headgear and a ponytail and glasses (because if Hollywood is to be believed, in high school a ponytail and glasses = hopeless loser. Oh, and overalls. Gotta have the overalls) and the hot football captain started flirting with me. I'm going to giggle and flirt back, but really it's just like, "Did he have corneal surgery? He thinks I'm somebody else, doesn't he?" (Which, coincidentally and despite all my grand feelings of self-worth and confidence, was sort of exactly how I felt when Travis first kissed me.)

Anyway, I thought it was nifty. You can go about your business now. ;-)