Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

First of all, thank you thank you THANK YOU for all the wonderfully sweet comments, emails, and Ravmails wishing me a happy birthday and us a happy anniversary. It's been a great week - I need to take a picture of some of my awesome birthday gifts. I did get a shot of my gift from Travis:

Husband and the Fit

While HE PLAYED WITH IT. (S'okay, I'd had like a two-hour turn on it already.) And sorry for the mild nudity - in Florida, boys don't wear shirts after April. So yep, he got me the Wii Fit, and it is AWESOME. You totally need one. (And don't tell me you can't have one because you don't have a Wii. I told you to get a Wii after Christmas, didn't I.)

I had a sewing lesson the evening of my birthday, but his mom and sister were at the house when I got home with a little family surprise party. I wasn't expecting much fanfare since I already had plans that night, so it was an extremely pleasant surprise. Plus, there was cake. Cake is never a bad thing.

And we spent plenty of time on the Fit, finally making it to bed around midnight. It's such good healthy fun, and smart too - look at it celebrating my birthday!

omg party hat!

Party hat!!! Party hat!!!!! (He started throwing confetti after this.)

And look at him telling Travis to celebrate my birthday!

Wii Fit's got my back.

Then he told Travis to make sure it was a special one. How cute is my little Fit, soliciting gifts and showers of affection on my behalf??

We celebrated our anniversary on Sunday by going back to the place where we had brunch last year on the morning after the wedding. The same guy was at the piano:

Soundgarden "Black Hole Sun"

He is REMARKABLE. He plays all sorts of things - my favourite that he played last year, which he played right before we left on Sunday, is "Black Hole Sun". That's right, the guy plays Soundgarden arranged for classical piano. 'Cuz he rules.

But then, so does the food:

Gateway to heaven

All those tables down that hall? They all have food on them. Not boring food. But food craziness. Caviar, 20 cheeses, huge crab claws, brandied cherries, lobster, buffalo tenderloin, jumbo asparagus, spring rolls, name it, it's back there somewhere. Click for more food pictures. It's totally worth it.

Rose champagne with raspberry

It was a very nice day.

And in eight days (eight days!!) we leave for Colorado! Hurray! We're heading to Boulder for a nice long weekend - and it just happens to be over the weekend of Estes Park Wool Festival. Gee, how did that happen? We'll be staying with an Anonymous Knitter, which I am TOTALLY excited about. And there may be a TRAPEZE EXPERIENCE! AWESOME!! The whole thing is just going to rock - and then three days after we return from that trip, I'm off to Key West for my best friend's bachelorette party weekend. (One night, one party? HA! That's not how we do!)

And if you're in the Boulder/Denver area, and/or are planning to attend Estes Wool, let me know! I like meeting people, it's fun and cool and special. ;-)

Oh, right, and a shop update thingie, in case you like those sorts of things - I finally got a shipment of fingering weight yarn (that didn't go to Kentucky first!) and dyed that up on Saturday. So I'll have a shop update probably this Saturday afternoon. Li'l bitty preview pictures of wet stuff:

Batch 1 Batch 2 Last batch