Friday, April 04, 2008

Nah, Enough Already

I'd typed and saved a third installment post for this space, but I've decided I'm done devoting my energy to negative people. So instead I..............have nothing to say. Sorry, that was really all I had to talk about, I guess! Heh.

Ooh, no, I did start a new sweater, and thanks to the miracle of heavy worsted weight yarn and US 10 (6.0 mm) needles, it's progressing at a pretty impressive rate. I'll have to get a photograph of it - it'd normally take me a week to get this far on a garment, and I just cast on for this thing Wednesday night.

A few more contest details occurred to me. Sometimes I wish I could get all my crap together at once. So let me see if I can get everything boiled down here so you don't have to wander all over this place to get all the details:

To enter: send an email to this address - details are an option, I'm fine if you just impart niceness on your honour.
Deadline: April 8th, Tuesday, at midnight (eastern)
Prize: will suit you, as I shall make it so because I want you to be happy.
Number of winners: depends on number of entries. I can't pick only one winner out of sixty entries!
Method of winner determination: at total random, a pull out of a hat.

And how lovely is the timing - Sheri just revved up her Random Act of Kindness contest, too! I am totally fine with our RAOKs overlapping, feel free to copy and paste your entry for her to me. ;-)

In closing: Behold! The Fluffies - Together in a Rare Moment of Peace and Serenity!

Oh hai.