Monday, April 28, 2008

Let Me Bore The Crap Out Of You

Let me make you sigh
Let me do some lame tricks
Some old and some older tricks
Nothing too worthwhile....

(Points to anyone who picks up on the lyrics and their source. I'm expecting success from at least one reader.)

Things to talk about aren't much fun without pictures. My little Nikon camera finally took the big crap. It's been frustrating me more and more with its petulant little "Lens Cover Error!" message ("but the lens cover is open! take the picture dammit!") and then I smacked it a little too hard on the desk trying to shake the lens cover into place and whoops! busted the battery holder-inner-tabbie-thing (technical term) and so the poor thing is finally just tired. It was not the best camera I've ever owned anyway - I'm sure fixing it won't take much, so we'll probably send it out for repair so we'll still have a pocket point-and-shoot, but I've finally thrown my hands up and allowed myself to purchase the Canon digital SLR I wanted. (Well, not the one I wanted - I'm not made of money - but the lower-end one that really only costs a little more than replacing with yet another point and shoot that we can drop into a waterfall or slam on a desk...) I'm considering it a business expense, since it's largely necessary to get better photos of my wares for the shop.

Whenever the new camera meanders its way here from Amazon (no doubt by way of Kentucky) or I can coax my Nikon into getting a few shots for me, I'll have some fiber to go up in the shop. I wish with all sincerity that I'd gotten Travis to get video of me wrestling with this fiber - I'm sure it was hysterically funny. It was like bathing an old English sheepdog - by the time I was done just with the soaking and draining, I was covered in fuzz, sopping wet, and cursing up a storm. It does get easier, but DAMN if that wasn't something I was unprepared for. I spent the better part of the morning and afternoon muttering variations of "somebody better buy this crap or I'm gonna pile it all up on the lawn and light it on fire because OH MY GOD WHERE IS THE END OF THIS EMMEFFING ROVING????" I did calm down eventually and have resolved to not set anything ablaze.

We went for a nice long bike ride yesterday and then took to the el-cheapo ghetto theatre for the matinee of Baby Mama. I was prepared to find myself a drooling mess by the end, all the dumber for having seen it (but hopeful that geek-hot Tina Fey would smart things up just enough to save me from having my frontal lobe dribble slowly out of my left ear) and honestly, we both enjoyed the hell out of it. There's a pleasantly surprising also-starring actor who I wasn't expecting at ALL, and it was nice to see an entertaining movie in the theatre for once. It helped Travis recover from his rather painful face plant from that morning - hence the movie outing, it was a special treat to make him feel better. (I told him he should wear a helmet. I told him he shouldn't try to ride up the side of the bridge embankment so close to the edge. But what the hell do I know, I'm just the wife. I just provide fudgesicles and movies when things go badly.)

No kittens yet. I'm hoping she can hold them in until the Canon gets here - I did avoid the super saver shipping, lesson learned, so hopefully she'll be able to hang...

Happy Monday, all!