Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Latest Edition on the Latest Addition!

Well, here she is:

Hi, I'm Rambouillet, and I'm So Cute

This is the latest potential addition to our family - our pregnant little kitty. Travis figures she's about three weeks along, so we have about another month or five weeks before the kittens make their way into our world. I do have to get her to the vet before I can introduce her to the home, so for now she's settled in to the guest bathroom downstairs. She has everything she needs in there, except for constant companionship, so I try to go spend plenty of time with her.

I tried to not name her right away, but that lasted all of about two minutes. We're calling her Rambouillet. Well, I'M calling her Rambouillet - Travis is calling her Rambo, Ratatouille, Baba Booey, and "What's her name again?"

The other development continues:

Cozy V-Neck Pullover by Stefanie Japel

I have a few inches left on the body, and I'm mixing up the rest of the directions - the pattern indicates that the sleeves should be knit from the caps down, flat, and seamed, then the collar knit. I'm going to do the collar first so I have less stuff to lug around while I work the collar, and I'm going to work the sleeves cuff-up and graft them to the caps so I don't have to drag the sweater around while I knit those too. This yarn is definitely going to be pilly, so the less agitating of the fabric I do by circling it around and around in my lap, the better.

Final alert - the contest closes tonight! (More accurately, it closes whenever I wake up and check my email tomorrow, which will be around 7:30 eastern time.) Email for an entry!