Sunday, January 13, 2008


On today's keyword activity list: "goiter" and "my dog eats hair". I'm not sure when I've ever discussed goiters, but my dog DOES eat hair. So at least one person was probably right to come here.

I've been rubbish lately, I know - there's little to blog about because there's little to show - I've done plenty of knitting, but absolutely none of it is stuff I can talk about. Isn't that fun? (No, I know it isn't.) We've been doing really well on eating-in...I've kept up with my Sunday cooking, so we've been able to have dinners at home and take lunches to work. It's saving us a fortune, and one added bonus to it that I hadn't thought much about: we know exactly what's in our food now. I know we're not putting away hidden loads of butter or lard, and that's nice to know.

I was going to write more, but I'm on the couch with the MacBook in my lap, and Rooster kitty just curled up on top of my arms. Given my newly-limited range of movement, I'll have to sign off at that. Here's a bit of eye candy, though it may look familiar:

Festivus Redux

Festivus Redux handspun - two skeins of worsted weight spun from Sereknity's "Clownin' Around" fiber. I've spun this before, but it's quite popular, so I keep spinning more. (It's such a fun thing to spin, too!)

Okay, Rooster just gave a great and powerful (and wet) sneeze on my right arm, which would seem to be an indication that he'd like my full undivided attention, so I'll send Travis for a wet wipe and say farewell for today. Happy knitting!