Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cats Make Everything Harder - Er, Better.

So, yeah, like you all didn't know, but the Interweave Spring preview is up (edit: no it's not - apparently someone goofed), and so are the Knitty surprises.

Me? I'm seeing some things I like, but honestly, can we stop with the 3/4 sleeve cardigans/blouses? I mean, they're real nice and everything, but damned if everything isn't starting to look a lot the same to me.

(I'd love to see some different names in IK, too. I love the designers they use, don't get me wrong, but I'd also like a hefty selection of fresh voices...)

There's a nice little profit-sharing thing going on at The Sanguine Gryphon right now. She's going to be splitting everything she makes with a family who very much needs it - you can read more about it on this post of hers. I thought that was quite generous and well-spirited of her, so if you're in need of anything - or if you're not - maybe you could shop there?

I stopped treadling for about seven and a half seconds last night to tear off a chunk of fiber from the batts I was working with. Turns out it only takes seven and a quarter seconds for me to lose all control of my intentions for the evening:


What is it with this cat? He wants to go to work, I'll put him to work!

As it turns out, work is not his style:


(It fell on him. He didn't move an inch.)

So, besides The Project, you wanna know what else I plan to work on this weekend? Remember this place?:

Knitting Room 1/6/07

Yeah, now it's THIS place:


Horrifying, isn't it? I accumulated maybe a bit too much stuff. I'm in the process of reorganizing and in the meantime, the happy zen knitting room looks like this. It's making me nuts. Sharing it with the public will hopefully serve to motivate me even further to restore it to its former glory. Please, tell me how appalling it is so I'll be ashamed and lock myself in there until it's clean.

There's a ton of spinning around here lately - maybe for tomorrow (or whenever's) post I'll just do a nice collage. I've been busy. Well, when Rooster has allowed me to use the wheel.....