Friday, December 14, 2007

Squee! Or, How I Got My Christmas Present.

First of all, status update: The Hemlock Ring Blanket approacheth the finish...eth. I've decided I'm on my last few rounds - I tried to see how large it was, so I knit half of it on a 40" circ and the rest on a 32" circ, and the thing STILL can't lie flat. So it'll be at least six feet in diameter, I think that's big enough. As a refresher, it looks something like this:

Hemlock Ring Progress 11/18

It looks vaguely different now, in that it's bigger (504 stitches per round!), but it's on the same needle, which means it's just a slight more scrunched version of what you see here. The thing really doesn't photograph well. I've fudged a few screw-ups here and there, too, so I hope it's not embarrassing when I can finally get it off the needles and take a look at it.

Today I scored Travis' Christmas present, finally! I can't tell you what it is, because he might wander on here and it'll be bad enough for him to know he's getting something. (I told him he'll get squat and love it.) But if you comment real nice, I can tell ya. Or we'll be posting pictures after the holiday. Also, I think he's probably completely forgotten about the Boomerang socks I knit forever ago and wouldn't let him have because I wanted him to have something knit for Christmas.

Fiesta Boomerang socks

So he'll be really excited to see those again, because he was less than thrilled at not being able to wear them right away.

And last night, Travis gave me my present a little early. See, he was already trying to figure out how to get this monstrous box in my little Prius and up to North Carolina with us without my knowledge, so with the added benefit of making me feel better after a HELLACIOUS day - don't worry, all's fine in my world, just work's been....interesting - he said he had a "little" surprise for me. "It's just a little thing, but it might make you feel better."


Little, my ass! (Yeah, that's not either.) I love him!!! This is the sewing machine I wanted, the one that I pointed out and said, "That's the one I want," before pointing at another one and saying, "But that's the one you might be more likely to afford, so I'd like that one." Fortunately for me, as it turns out, Joann's does have that lovely twelve-months-same-as-cash thing, but this is definitely NOT the machine I was expecting to get! Actually, I wasn't sure I should even expect one at all this year, so this was THRILLING!

Will this turn into a sewing blog? Not likely. Certainly not right away - I have to learn how to, um, use this thing first. I have my first lesson tomorrow (I ain't waitin'!), followed by a haircut and colour, manicure, and pedicure. (Travis' company Christmas party is tomorrow, and we always like to look good. I haven't had a manicure and pedicure since the day before our wedding, so I figure twice a year is fair enough. Plus, my hairstylist moved to a new day spa, and the mani/pedis there are REDONKULOUS cheap!) But yeah, anyway - once I get my lessons started and pick up some (no doubt dirt-cheap) fabric and supplies to play with, I'll be unstoppable! Travis already acknowledged, unprompted, that he fully expected to lose me to my fiber craft room at all waking hours and never see me again. It'd be nice if I could sew stuff to sell to make up money for surprise vet bills, rather than having to keep clearing out the stash - I think the stash has been purged about as much as I'm willing to go. :-)

So look for me on Project Runway in a few years!