Saturday, December 08, 2007

Nothing But Blue Skies...

What an ugly day.

Okay, okay, sometimes it's hard to complain too hard about the warm weather in December...this was a great day to celebrate Bitty's newly stitch-free-ness!

We spent the day in St. Augustine, wandering around old town, stopping for lunch, and then heading to the beach. Bitty loves the beach. She hates the water, but she's a big fan of being a beach bum:


"Wake me in 15 minutes, I gotta turn."

Travis tried to get Brodie to take an interest in a Frisbee. In my head, I was picturing Brodie and Bitty leaping and chasing and catching like Marnie's two wonderfully playful and incredibly smart (well-trained) cattle dogs.

Yeah, that's great, why don't you play with that...

But neither of them are really the run-and-fetch type. And I was aiming extra high there for Brodie...really, I was just grateful he didn't eat sand.

(I give him a hard time for being a little vacant, but he's really such a good boy. He would come and sit every time he was told - pretty much - and I have to give him credit for behaving quite well today.)

This was his first time at the beach, and he was really wary of the water. He did splash around a tiny bit eventually, with much coaxing from Travis, but warming up to it took time.

It's gonna get meeeee!!!!

Bitty, on the other hand, is completely and utterly terrified of the ocean. She won't go near it


"Nope. This is it, this is as far as I'll go! I'm drawing a line in the sand...oh, look. That's convenient."

Did you notice something special?


They're OFF the LEASH! I KNOW!!! They didn't even freak out. Well, not the whole time. Other than a few incidents - "hey, hey you, hey strangers, won't you please pet us???" - they were remarkably well-behaved, and we just have to practice.

So, when I'm lying on the beach towel and lounging, I hook the dogs to their leashes and put the other end around my ankle. I can relax without having to keep tabs. Travis took his turn doing this, and when we got up to gather our things, he didn't untether right away. And, uh...well, the two little devils, with a combined weight of all of 25 pounds, managed to take down Pops:


"What? We didn't do anything. He fell. Somebody should really keep a closer eye on this guy. Need some help cleanin' up?"

And while the dogs are away, the cats will play.

Oh hai....

"oh hai. ur home early. has tequila?"

Fiber content: I spun up a little fluffy something last night:

Love Is...

This was fun - I'm really into making art yarns lately. Unfortunately, there's no standard-issue two-ply yarn in the shop right now, so while I'm enjoying the art yarn, I need to stock up on that stuff...the shop's pretty bare right now, which is totally awesome. :-) (I like selling stuff. It's better than, you know, not selling stuff.)

One more thing. I know everyone makes fun of Florida and how about 90% of AARP's total enrollment resides here. But did you know that even Santa retired to the beach?

Santa retired to St. Augustine

(This guy, with his white beard and cheery yellow bike, gave me such joy even from this far away. He's GOTTA be Santa.)