Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hi Hi Hi!!

Hi it's me and I'm back *hugshugs* and I have so much to tell you and show you and our trip was so wonderful and spending a whole week with my parents in their mountain home was so relaxing and fantastic and fun but right now I'm so tired and there's so much to do and there are kitties to snuggle and toothbrushes to locate so we can crash out for the night but just real quick the updated arrival estimate on the Wii is now December 31st and Travis is going into Wiizures (the medical term for Wii-anticipation-induced seizures) and just WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE what my Santa boys brought me for Christmas!!! (Hint: I am spoiled stinking rotten.) Plus I started and finished a knit, ate more sugar than I usually go through in a month (canyatell???) and got to have dinner with fabulously cool chicks and have pictures taken in a men's toilet - STAY TUNED!