Monday, November 12, 2007

Handspun Monday

Sort of....I'm pre-posting tonight's shop update here for your enjoyment. It's been an embarrasingly long time since I updated my shop, so I had a very busy weekend.

Ribbit handspun

"Ribbit" handspun superwash merino, 2-ply. 145 yards in 4.3 ounces, bulky weight. The roving is a Sereknity Boutique fiber, always a favourite.

Autumn Harvest handspun

"Autumn Road Trip" handspun merino, 2-ply. 220 yards in 4 ounces, worsted weight, roving handpainted by Yarn Wench.

Fairie Royal handspun

"Fairie Royal" handspun BFL/mohair blend with just a touch of sparkle. A two-ply light fingering / heavy lace weight yarn, 255 yards in 2.2 ounces. Fiber from SAFF; yarn named for the shopping buddy who was kind enough to front me for the fiber because I didn't have cash or checks. (Duh.)

And know I love the fun stuff:

Fever handspun

"Fever" handspun artsy yarn, an 82 yard spun single, 3 ounce skein. This is spun from a Funky Carolina merino/firestar/angelina handcarded batt. (I was drawn to the bright colours and the huge amount of sparklies.) I spun in some "honeymoon silk" (purchased at the Victoria Fiber-In we visited on our honeymoon) and some dyed cotswold locks from Yarn Wench.

So, can you guess how much cleaning of the house I got done this weekend? :-D