Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bitty Update

I got to visit her and she looks great! Bright-eyed (it's probably that she's stoned out of her gourd) and wiggly as always. I swear, that girl has one energy level - full blast! She was hopping around on her back legs trying to jump into my arms, and the poor vet tech was doing her best to keep her still so there wouldn't be any popped stitches or bleeding. She's all stitched up and looks like Frankenbitty - besides the two gland removals, the doctor also removed a cyst from her back and stitched that up too. That's probably nothing - it started as a minor sweat gland inflammation that we just would have to keep an eye on, and it came back periodically and recently developed a small cyst, so he said since he'd have her knocked out anyway, he'd just remove the cyst/gland surgically to alleviate the problem. (Buy two gland removals, get one free...?) We are ponying up to send it off to have it biopsied anyway - just to be safe, and besides once you hit a certain point with the vet bill, what's a little biopsy? The tech showed me the cyst (I love the gross stuff) and uh...yeah, if someone removed that from under my skin, I'd want to have it tested.

I really wanted to whip out the camera and get pictures of her, but I was concerned that would maybe look a little too unusual to them, so I let it slide. It just felt so good to have her put her paws up on my shoulders and try to hop into my arms. They had to bathe her thoroughly prior to surgery (not 'cuz she was filthy, just to ... I don't know, standard operating procedure...) She was so soft and sweet-smelling, and she was grinning ear-to-ear and it made my heart leap just to see her. She can come home on Thursday. Longest three days ever....

And then when I got home, Brodie got to enjoy her scent and know that she was okay, wherever she was. He 'bout licked my hand clean off. It's still tough for him, though - as soon as I got home and let him out of his crate, he ran into hers to look for her, and then when he went outside to potty, he ran straight to the car and ran around it several times, I guess to see if I'd brought her home and forgotten to bring her inside.

Now, if I may indulge:


Man, I can't believe Bitty used to be bigger than Brodie. It's been almost two years since we brought our guy home to Bitty - I can't wait to bring her home to him. Only a few more days!