Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We have a contest situation to deal with, don't we? I picked up - ready? - only FOURTEEN items. (Thirteen came home with me, one was a little extra somethin'.) Three people guessed fourteen, so I did a random draw, and wouldn't you know it, PlazaJen won! (She of little faith!!) Congrats Jen - I'll be emailing you and sending out some sort of fabulous prize next week when I get back from SAFF!

There will be pictures of the swag eventually - I've not seen daylight hours long enough to get good photos! I'm going crazy staying late at work to put together stuff for the workshops. (I love my Mac, but it's just so much easier for me to write everything up in Word, which I don't have at home.)

I'm off to North Carolina tomorrow - I'll blog while there, if I can, but we'll have to see if I have time to breathe. (Seriously....I was up until 1:00 last night working on stuff for the workshop. Nothin' like waiting till the last possible second!)

Please pray for us - we have to vacate the house for the weekend completely, so both dogs and both cats are piling into the Prius with us, along with a whole bunch of stuff. This is going to be....something.