Monday, October 01, 2007


It's October!! How is it October? Who let this happen? I'm not ready for October yet! October is the Month Of Big Scary Change. Two wool festivals, lots of traveling, three workshops (gah! gah!!!), one job transition (from being part of a two-person team to flying solo), and all sorts of other scary big project things that HAVE TO GET DONE NOW.

September only had 16 posts (I'm a slacker!) and for October, you may be able to look forward to even fewer and less entertaining posts. I suddenly realized that I am maybe twenty percent LESS prepared for my workshops than I was three months ago. How did that happen?!? Time to get down to it. And all the side projects and hushy-hushy things are starting to creep up on me too! Gah!!!

Taking a breath: we got to open the windows on Sunday. Look how happy the puppies were about cool breezes and open-window-weather. (Which we usually get in, oh, January. So this was a treat.)

Puppies and happy weather

I love how Bitty's all, "What, Mom's taking a picture of us!? Here I am, get me in the picture too...gawd, Brodie, get out of the WAY, wouldja??"

Okay, man, I gotta go. This month is crazy! Gah!!