Monday, September 24, 2007

Sudden Obsession

First, a photo - because I really must show a photo with each blog:

Rooster loves my WIP

Black and white so I don't reveal much about what I'm working on...lookit my guy, though. Rooster almost NEVER curls up with yarn, so I think that speaks volumes about the lusciousness of what I'm working with here. Pardon my poor overloaded couch - it was bogged down with books, stitch dictionaries, scraps of paper, and frogged bits of yarn all weekend.

Also, Ravelry is the devil! Things that never particularly caught my eye before are suddenly becoming an obsession. Like Juno, for example. (Ravelry link - you can also see an example of the (perfect) Juno sweater here.) Sure, I'd seen Yarn Harlot's Juno, and Coloursknits' Juno before her, but it's this one (non-Ravelers, look here again). This is the one that made me think "I NEED THAT SWEATER IN FIVE MINUTES OR RIGHT NOW GIMME GIMME!!" There's something to be said for a well-photographed FO, and this one makes me want to weep. Maybe it's because it's not modeled on a person, so all of the potential design complaints that could come up (neckline is too low, fit is too loose in the arms, etc.) don't apply. But I don't care about any of that - it is beautiful and wonderful and glorious and magnificent and I NEED IT. It's pretty incredible that this should come up now, since I've had Rowan 40 for months and I've watched the parade of Juno FOs with absolutely no compelling need to knit it whatsoever. Thanks a bunch, Knitting Betty. You and your camera, and your snow, and your mannequin.

(Reminder: I'm still pretty sure I'm not a garment knitter, so this could be interesting. But it IS knit on big ol' needles in worsted weight. So it could happen....once I have the yarn. Do I have enough worsted weight yarn for this sweater? Sure. Do I want to use it for this? Nah.)

As a matter of fact, Juno has moved above Tangled Yoke Cardigan in my List of Must-Knits. (Couldn't have anything to do with that whole huge needle vs. tiny needle thing, could it? Heh.)

Any obsessions currently throbbing in your brain? Has this ever happened to you, when a pattern lay dormant and unnoticed in your world for months/years and then suddenly jumped up and bit you on the arse and wouldn't let go? It's not just me, right?