Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Conversation No Doubt Taking Place Somewhere In Orlando Today

Person 1: Oh, did I tell you? I saw the strangest thing yesterday.
Person 2: What?
P1: I was at the park, right, Loch Haven down where the museum and the Rep theatre is?
P2: The one downtown?
P1: No man, that's Eola, I'm talking about the one off Princeton.
P2: Right, right! Okay....
P1: So I'm driving up to drop my kid off for a rehearsal...
P2: Your kid's in a show?
P1: Oh, yeah, didn't I tell you? Yeah, The Frog Prince. He plays the crown. Or a tree. Something like that, anyway...this girl walks across the street right in front of my car, and she's dressed all business-like, but - and I thought for a second I was seeing this wrong, but I swear to GOD, she was carrying a human leg.
P1: Yeah, a woman's leg! Just slung over her shoulder like no big thing. It had a sock on it too. Effin' WEIRD, man.
P2: Who carries around a leg? Was it bloody, like, was there a stump??
P1: No, I'm pretty sure it was plastic. It wasn't all bendy or anything like a leg might be.
P2: Well, if it was like, an old leg, like a leg that had been dead for a while and had that rigamarole...
P1: Rigor mortis?
P2: Yeah, that - okay, Grisolm, nice work there, CSI - then it might be all stiff like that.
P1: I guess, but I'm pretty sure it was fake.
P2: Shoulda called the cops anyway. Who carries around a leg in a park? Somethin's up.
P1: Last I saw she was trying to jam it up in a tree.
P2: The hell? Like, to hide it?
P1: Naw...I slowed down to look and a guy sitting on a bench with his dog, he said something about how she'd been dragging the thing all over the park and taking pictures of it. His dog looked a little freaked out.
P2: I'm tellin' you. Shoulda called the cops.
P1: Yeah, maybe...............

(Maybe it's the drama queen in me, but I LOVE carrying a severed leg and a camera around a park. Oh, and yes it is plastic.)