Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And All New Yorkers Are Rude Pigs

I hate blanket statements. I'm as bad as the next guy about throwing them out there, I'm sure. But I'm tired of having to hear about the Opinionated The View Panelist's latest moronic statement and the fallout that follows; first Rosie, and now Whoopi. I will say, however, that I'm proud to be a part of the follow-up to Whoopi Goldberg's coming to the defense of Michael Vick with beyond-ridiculous and offensive argument that he isn't a bad guy, just a Southerner.

Um, f*** you.

Here's the email I sent to The View (as though it could make a difference):

As someone from the South who's not in the habit of murdering animals, I'd like to ask Whoopi to please use caution when throwing out blanket statements that are hugely offensive to an entire region of our country. I know a whole mess of southerners, and not a one of them was raised to think that killing animals for sport is fun or acceptable; actually, I wouldn't associate with anyone who did believe that. I know we're not seen as being nearly as sophisticated as the fancy New York types, but we're also not wearing barrels and shouting yee-haw while firing guns at pit bulls. Enjoying dogfighting to the death and electrocuting live dogs is NOT a Southern value, it's a huge character flaw.

Generally speaking, I shrug and keep moving whenever I hear something ignorant or offensive, but come ON. The South has a hard enough time being seen as remotely respectable without some uppity bitch declaring that we can't even be expected to know the difference between right and wrong. She even went so far as to say she would have been shocked by this if he'd been from New York. (See, because New Yorkers have morals, wear underpants, and eat with utensils, unlike us cross-eyed inbreds down South.)

(By the way, about the title - of course they're not. It's just a literary device I'm employing.)

Back home now - I'll get around to posting stuff and photos eventually. I'm feeling excruciatingly lazy and worn out right now. (Not too worn out to rant and rave, of course - I'm still me.)