Thursday, August 02, 2007


MAN did yesterday rule! I mean, work was work, nothing exceptional there, really, but it was a hell of a day!

I'm going to have to do contests more often, because it would appear that for every prize I give away, I win one elsewhere - I won TWO yesterday, and I never win anything!

The first was from the Ridiculous Obsession blog, and the prize was - dude - Socks that Rock! A colourway I love! (Mmm, semi-solids, my favourite fixation.) And I don't have it, and it's on my list! Yay!! (Yes, I have an actual physical list of the STR colourways I covet.)

And THEN I found out that I won the Loopy Ewe July contest, out of 411 entries! I got a $35 Loopy credit! Yay, bring on the next sneak-up, I can play now! So far, you can see how the day is going - it's awesome! It's awesomely exclamation-pointy awesome!!

Even my spam mail was good! Best Spam Message Subject Line Ever: "boiled cheese wheel". Brilliant - why WOULDN'T I open a spam message if there's a possibility of a boiled cheese wheel at the end of that rainbow??

AND I got these gorgeousstunningamazing things in the mail on Tuesday afternoon, but we'll include these in the What Was Awesome About Wednesday list, since I wore them (ooh, maybe they're lucky!):

Close up

Emily sent me this amazing sterling and swarovski crystal set, and I LOVE it. (Lots of 3/4 shots went into this self-shoot. I tried taking a picture of both earrings but for some reason, in every picture I took of myself in full frame, I looked like my own fraternal twin. Strangest thing, but seriously, it looked like half of my face belonged to one person and half to another. I studied myself in the mirror, but didn't see it; so either I'm dealing with a distorted self-image, or something was freaky with the lighting in that room. Nevermind, the earrings match, so just picture the same thing on the other side of my face.)

But that's not all! I just can't wear two pair at once - I also got these:

Emily rocks!

Emily rocks my face - her stuff is so beautiful, and she's such a great amazing person. Every time I need a gift for someone who might not appreciate handknit socks or handspun yarn - I can't believe I know any of those people - I go straight to Em's shop. And her prices are just silly good - I've seen the Sundance jewelry catalog show less spectacular stuff that costs four times as much! (That catalog, like Anthropologie, is one of my favourite things to look at for eye candy I would NEVER pay that much for.)

And, bonus, it was a pretty good hair day, which is a rare thing in my world (and made up for the crooked face):

Good hair day

I also realized there are five Fridays in August, which means five paydays in August! (For Travis - for me, still just the two.) I love when that happens. Somehow it never amounts to there being a pile of extra money at the end of the month, but it usually means there's not a big crater where our money USED to be.

And I really really should have shared this about a gajillion days ago when I got it:

Australian wool

When Valerie went to Australia, she picked up this wonderful Australian wool top for me - this tickled me to no end, the idea that someone went to Australia and thought about me while there! Awesome! (Actually, I'm thrilled if someone goes to the grocery store and thinks of me, so Australia just totally blows my mind.) Thank you so much Valerie! (And there was also a little brown wool sheep magnet, but I didn't get a picture of him - he's my cubicle mascot now, hanging on the metal cabinet thingie over my desk. I pet him a lot - it soothes me, since there's a severe shortage of wool in the office. One of the shortcomings of the federal government, if you ask me - not nearly enough wool.)

There's ALSO one MORE development that gave me sheer unadulterated joy yesterday, but I'm going to keep that one under my hat for a while - don't want to blow my whole wad in one post! ;-) (Not a baby. Don't look for that for a while.)

Obligatory spinning/knitting content: Finished a skein last night (at 1:00 a.m., as I am nothing if not determined) and I'll hopefully get some pictures of that today after work, if the rain will let up. (Also, still working on the palooza socks; got the heel and foot left, no sweat, definitely going to be finished and blocked by the revised deadline of August 7th.)